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Motorbike insurance - helmet and leathers cover

13th October 2010 Print

Even a minor motorbike accident can cause considerable damage and it isn't just you and the motorcycle but also your protective clothing that may be damaged.

Analysis of motorbike insurance policies by independent financial research company Defaqto has revealed that only 4% of motorcycle insurance policies provide cover for motorcycle clothing - such as helmet, leathers, boots and gloves - as standard.

The findings showed:

54% of motorcycle policies do not offer cover for clothing
42% of motorcycle policies cover clothing as an optional extra
4% of motorcycle policies cover clothing as standard

Mike Powell, Defaqto's Insight Analyst for General Insurance, said: "Wearing protective clothing on a motorbike is common sense, but enthusiasts know only too well that it can cost well over a thousand pounds to kit yourself out with the necessary boots, leathers, gloves and helmet. It really is worth checking whether your motorbike policy covers clothing in addition to the cover for the bike itself and any excess that may be applied."

Mr Powell continued: "Even with the 42% of motorbike policies that offer clothing cover as an optional extra you need to examine the coverage carefully. The additional annual premiums range from £22 to £48 and the maximum limit of any claim ranges from as little as £250 up to £1,000."

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