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Three slashes the price of International calling

3rd December 2010 Print

Three’s PAYG customers now have a cheaper and easier way to call friends, family or colleagues abroad.

Three has cut the prices of calling international mobiles and landlines, with calls starting at just 2p per minute to countries including Ireland and Poland.

PAYG customers just need to dial a shortcode followed by the number of the person they want to speak to, to access some of the best prices in the market.

The new prices mean calls to 25 key destinations are now even more affordable.

Prices start at just 3p per minute to Indian landlines and mobiles; 2p per minute to Polish landlines; 3p per minute to Chinese mobiles and landlines; 4p per minute to Bangladeshi mobiles and landlines, and 6p per minute to Pakistani landlines.

Calling landlines or mobiles in the USA now costs just 3p, as do similar calls to Canada, while Australia costs 3p per minute to landlines or 14p per minute to mobiles. Calls to Ireland meanwhile come in at 2p per minute to landlines and 14p per minute to mobiles, and phoning Germany will set you back 3p per minute to a landline or 12p per minute to a landline.

Three’s PAYG customers can programme their most frequently used overseas numbers, proceeded by the prefix for that location, into their phones for ease of use, so they don’t have to type them in every time they dial.

The service has been running since April this year and due to its success the decision was made to extend and expand the service, adding 13 new countries and better prices across the board.

To access the service, all PAYG customers need to do is top-up their credit – something that already gives them a bunch of free texts, free data allowances and free Three-to-Three calls, and start calling.