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Samsung expands ‘Smarter Life’ product portfolio

25th February 2011 Print

At Samsung’s European Regional Forum today, Samsung unveiled its expanded portfolio of smart TVs, 3D Blu-ray players, total 3D solutions, and home entertainment systems all united by the company’s commitment to create products that enable a “Smarter Life.” Samsung’s expanded range offers smart functionality, cutting-edge style and design and a wide range of premium features throughout the range, including entry level models. Samsung’s 2011 product portfolio comprises the most comprehensive offering of connected screens and devices, further strengthening efforts to provide complete 2D, 3D, HD and connected experiences in the home.

The ‘Smarter Life’ lineup includes Samsung’s flagship LED and Plasma TVs, all of which now feature the Samsung’s Smart Hub giving access to movies, games, music, TV shows, pictures, Apps and more from one easy place.

The Samsung Smart Hub interface makes it easy to find everything you’re looking for:

Samsung Apps—the world’s first HDTV-based application store offering hundreds of apps globally that help people connect to their various passions—whether in sports, entertainment, information, games or social networking

Search All— makes it easy to search for desired content on your TV and other DLNA-certified connected media storage devices, networked PC and mobile devices, and Internet and video-on-demand services

Your Video— delivers movie recommendations based on a user’s viewing history, then gives the individual the opportunity to stream these recommendations directly to the TV

Social TV—makes it easy to chat with friends and family in real-time while watching the same TV content, thanks to integration with social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Talk.

Web Browser, offers full web browsing right from your TV including Flash video playback

Smart Technology

Samsung has expanded the capabilities in its 2011 line of products, and has included 3D and Smart features in a broader range of LED, Plasma TV models and Blu-ray players, providing consumers with the ability to bring the smarter life into their homes, no matter what their price range.

Smart Design

Samsung’s 2011 flagship LED products all sport new, ultra-thin bezels. Entitled ‘One Design’ this reduction in bezel not only looks astonishing, but gives a more immersive viewing experience, with no bezel to distract from the content on screen. In addition, Samsung’s new Plasma TVs feature the company’s cutting-edge Plasma +1 design, which add 1” of additional, viewable screen in comparison to last year’s products—giving consumers access to a larger screen without increasing the size of the TV.

Further demonstrating Samsung’s sleek styling abilities, Samsung’s 2011 line of home theatre products includes the stunning, cubic design of the HT-D7100 home theatre product and the chic, droplet-shaped speakers featured in the HT-D7200—giving consumers a complete, home entertainment ecosystem that is both modern and attractive while but also Smart.

Samsung’s new wireless router also supports the connected, smarter life, allowing consumers to get the most out of their TVs and devices. The CR-SWR110 includes Samsung’s patented One Foot Connection ability, which can establish a Wi-Fi connection to Samsung 2011 TVs and other compatible devices when the router is placed within one foot of the TV or device. Once connected, the router can be moved to any part of the home while still maintaining a connection—allowing users to easily access expanded entertainment options on their devices without the need for additional cables.

Enhanced 3D Lineup and Accessories

Samsung led the 3D movement with the launch of the world’s first full HD 3D LED TV in 2010—selling more than 2 million 3D TVs and capturing 60 percent of the global market. This year, complementing its newest TV innovations, the 3D technology pioneer is furthering momentum with an expanded lineup of 3D Blu-ray players and accessories—including the flagship D8900 and D7500 Blu-ray devices. All new Blu-ray products also offer access to Samsung’s Smart Hub and smart Blu-ray features. Additionally, in keeping with Samsung’s stylish design aesthetics—the D7500 marks the world’s slimmest Blu-ray disc player, offering sleek functionality in a space-saving, wall-mountable package without comprising picture quality.

As the living room continues to transform into the central media and entertainment hub of the home, Samsung has re-aligned its home theatre system to more wholly reflect a diverse home entertainment environment. Designed to meet consumers’ ever-growing home entertainment system needs while offering a theatre-like experience, many of Samsung’s 2011 home entertainment products support 2D to 3D and wireless features with superior sound quality to complement the breadth of content that people watch in their home. Samsung has introduced products featuring Samsung’s new “3D Sound” capabilities, which sync sound and video to create an immersive, up-down-left-right experience enabling the sound to “move” along with the 3D picture.

Samsung’sTotal 3D Solution includes four different models of 3D glasses from the entry to premium level. Samsung’s new 3D glasses have been co-designed with Austrian luxury glasses brand ‘Silhouete’ and they weigh in at just 28g making them the world’s lightest active 3D frames.

Samsung’s new active 3D glasses also come prescription ready—either via special prescription lenses that attach or through a special new temple design that connects to the top of the LCD frame for a greater range of movement. The perfect complement to a family’s 3D needs, Samsung’s new wireless charger powers up to four pairs of 3D active glasses just by placing them on the charger itself meaning no wires.

For more information Samsung’s 2011 product portfolio in the European region, and to access all announcements made at the European Regional Forum, visit

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