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Turkey launches floating exhibition ship

10th March 2011 Print

Turkey is launching a magnificent floating exhibition ship on March 7th and 8th in Istanbul. The Wessex RoRo has an area of 12,000 sq metres over four decks one of which is open. The ship will be accompanied by a modern passenger vessel for carrying public officials, private sector representatives etc and will sail to 14 countries out of the 27 EU member states. This is a total population of nearby 420 million ( 84% of the EU), and these countries share 50% of Turkey’s export and import business.

The exhibition ship will be in London on 30th March at 7am and will leave on 31st March at 8pm.

“Turkey really is at an exciting crossroads”, says Suleyman Akbay, MD, Oceanwide Properties. “For investors in property there probably has never been a better time to buy. Most Britons purchase along the Mediterranean and here, where we specialise, properties have risen dramatically in the last 6 months by up to as much as 15%.

We have a client who bought an apartment (around £78,000 for a three bedroom duplex, off plan), in March 2010 and already it is worth around £10,000 more! Along this beautiful coastline there isn’t the over build that has marred so many resorts of other Mediterranean countries.

In the Fethiye region there is very little crime, the weather is good, there is an excellent infrastructure and for residents a choice of sitting on a sunny beach or skiing on the nearby mountain slopes. There is a choice of many restaurants, bars and shops in this working town which is not just catering to tourists so it doesn’t close down in the winter. In fact it is a much favoured region for wealthy Turkish retirees from Istanbul as well as the British who find the property prices exceedingly tempting.

Turkey is a country that is rapidly growing. Turkish President Abdullah Gul said that Turkey was one of the rare countries whose financial institutions made profits in the last three years at a time of global economic crisis.

Turkey is the world’s 16th and Europe’s 6th biggest economy and the Turkish economy grew 11% in the first six months of 2010. Turkey is the country in OECD with the biggest growth of economy. According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Turkey will exceed China, United States, Brazil and Japan in the rise of national income. Turkey will take its 12th place by exceeding EU countries with 729 billion USD of gross national product.

I am delighted to know that Turkey is going to be well represented in London with the Floating Exhibition. I understand that at every port there will be cocktail parties and concerts for VIP’s and business people. It will draw everyone’s attention to Turkey and of course be an immense contribution to exports, tourism ( which is already rising rapidly) and investment opportunities.”