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A ‘Jelly Belly’ royal wedding

6th April 2011 Print
A Jelly Belly Royal Wedding

John Lewis is set to launch the world’s first royal wedding portrait of Prince William and Kate Middleton, made entirely of jelly beans. 

The world’s most famous engaged couple have been immortalised in an image made from 11,000 edible Jelly Belly beans using 15 of the 50 different flavours.  

The mouthwatering masterpiece (1.4m by 1.2m) took artist Malcolm West over five weeks to create and will be unveiled to the public in Peter Jones on Tuesday 5th April, before transferring in royal style to John Lewis Oxford Street on 11th April 2011.

Sara Allbright from the gift food buying team at John Lewis said “We are delighted to celebrate this momentous occasion with such a unique image, that we’re sure our customers will love.  We sell around nine million Jelly Belly’s every year, so we’re hoping that this will create a boom in inspiring customers to create their own mini masterpieces at home.”  

The artwork will be displayed in pride of place in both shops, before being delivered to St Andrew’s on 25th April, the town where the royal couple first met.

Marlcom West, the artist said, “It was very special to create this portrait.  They’re a beautiful couple celebrating a huge occasion both for themselves and the whole country.  It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the image as it emerges as it’s very painstaking work putting every single Jelly Belly into the right place. But I’m very pleased with the results.  I do hope they like it!”

Jelly Belly is stocked in John Lewis.  Prices start from £5.00.


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A Jelly Belly Royal Wedding