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DAFcheck: 4000 inspections every week and counting

27th April 2011 Print

The DAFcheck maintenance records system continues to assist road transport operators and technicians improve access to,and retention of, service and maintenance records averaging some 4000 inspection records every week, having just passed 280,000 inspections since launch.
DAF Trucks is demonstrating its commitment to raising standards in service and maintenance through its unique DAFcheck system and has recently adopted the IRTE (Institute of Road Transport Engineers) technician accreditation scheme, called “irtec”  and is rolling it out throughout its entire dealer network. In recognition of DAF’s achievement in becoming the first truck manufacturer to adopt the irtec certification, it received an award from the SOE (Society of Operations Engineers) at the Commercial Vehicle Show in Birmingham.
The presentation was made by SOE Chief Executive Nick Jones who said, “The investment from DAF marks a huge contribution from the manufacturer to the development and recognition of engineering competence in the UK. Through their irtec Licences, DAF technicians receive a career boost that shows their employer values their skills. In addition, colleagues and customers will be assured that DAF technicians have been independently assessed to a high standard.”
Through this partnership, DAF is able to deliver a high level of confidence to the operator that his/her vehicles are being maintained by accredited, fully trained technicians. Currently, 650  DAF technicians have registered on the scheme and will be a signatories on the DAFcheck system, as inspections are completed.
The web-based system allows operators to view inspection records for an entire fleet at the click of a button and new upgrades to the DAFcheck provide even greater support to hauliers in controlling compliance with VOSA standards.
Perhaps the most important upgrade to DAFcheck is the link to DAFaid. The DAFcheck updates the system daily with DAFaid information, alerting the technician to any breakdowns since the previous inspection. Any breakdown which resulted in a temporary repair will be highlighted to the technician thereby ensuring a permanent repair can be effected.
Tony Shepherd, After Sales Service Manger at DAF Trucks, said, “DAFcheck not only provides the operator with the knowledge that their vehicle is maintained to a high standard, but it also is a successful and recognised service that ensure trucks are maintained to the correct legislative requirements”.
Product recall information is now also included to ensure any product updates are carried out with routine maintenance and scheduled downtime. While operators can gain access to their records 24/7, DAFcheck allows users to plan and schedule inspections for each vehicle in their fleet. Unique to the industry, DAF is the only manufacturer to provide this reassuring service free of charge, confirming that DAF offers customer support that goes further.

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