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Go-getter girls lead learning holiday revolution

27th May 2011 Print

Learning holiday specialist, has teamed up with Thelma & Louise to offer members of the women’s online travel community exclusive offers on selected trips and courses, after research revealed that women’s thirst for self-improvement is far greater than that of their male counterparts.

“Most of our customers are solo travellers (80 per cent),” says Vanessa Lenssen, founder of “and of those solo travellers, a staggering 85 per cent are women.  This has grown from 68 per cent in the past three years.”

“It goes to show that women have much more get-up-and-go when it comes to self-improvement holidays than men.  They seem to be far more eager to get out there, socialise and learn new skills when they are single.”’s findings suggest that single men are shy and potentially lack-lustre, with older men in particular demonstrating no real desire for self-improvement at all.

“When looking at the age-range of our female customers versus male, we found that, whilst women go on self-improvement holidays throughout their lifetime (our customers range in age from 18 – 83), 78 per cent of our male travellers are under the age of 35,” continues’s Vanessa Lenssen.

The research also revealed that the most popular ‘how to’ holiday courses for women are Yoga holidays, cookery, photography, painting and languages, whereas men prefer sporting pursuits such as surfing and scuba diving, followed by languages and photography holidays.

“At Thelma & Louise we’re aware of the powerful female desire to explore, experience other cultures and meet new people.  Our members can choose to travel with a “buddy” they have met through our site or join a group of like-minded companions on a learning holiday with our exciting, new partner,   The very existence of Thelma & Louise and the fact that membership is increasing every month is evidence of a growing trend in ‘go-getter’ women,” says Thelma & Louise co-founder, Christine Davies.

Thelma & Louise members now have access to exclusive offers and discounts on holidays.  The offers are updated every week in the “Trip Ideas” section of and range from Pilates in France and Spanish lessons in Costa Rica, to dancing in Argentina and sailing courses in Australia.

For more information on Thelma & Louise and to become a member go to