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Highflying dining in Estonia's capital

1st June 2011 Print
Estonia's Dinner in the Sky

For just five days in June 2011 diners in Estonia’s cultural capital, Tallinn, can enjoy champagne, aperitifs, lunch or dinner 50 metres in the air with spectacular views over the medieval Old Town, Tallinn’s steel and glass business sector and the Bay of Finland.

Dinner in the Sky can be enjoyed daily between 8th and 12th June, in Tallinn’s Rotermann quarter, the transformed former industrial area between the Old Town and the sea. Guests harnessed into specially constructed dining chairs and seated with 21 other diners at a table, suspended to a height of 50 metres, and enjoy cuisine prepared under the auspices of award winning Executive Chef Rene Uusmees, a patron of modern Estonian cuisine.

High flyers in Tallinn are offered four choices of `lift length’ and menu, from a 20 minute champagne & aperitif `taster’ (29 euros pp), to an 80 minute four course meal with aperitif, wine and cognac, with the final dinner of the day served at sunset by the chef with Tallinn’s skyline as a backdrop (84 euros pp). A 40 minute 3 course lunch and a 60 minute 4 course dinner is also offered.


Lunch in the Sky:

Marinated beetroot with goat cheese cream

Main Course
Roasted lightly salted salmon with lemon yoghurt, tomato and vegetable sauce with crayfish

Gooseberry sorbet with berry salad and oat cookies

Dinner in the Sky:

Lightly smoked salmon with sour cream-chives sauce and crisp cumin bread

Smoked eel with cucumber and dill jelly, onion cream and horseradish

Main Course
Baked beef with spring garden greens, parsley oil and Jerusalem artichoke cream

Strawberry salad with cheesecake, apple foam and salty caramel

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Estonia's Dinner in the Sky