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Qype inspires Apprentice win

14th July 2011 Print

A mispronunciation of Qype last night inspired a winning idea for Tom Pellereau, one of the final five candidates in the BBC’s Apprentice.

Qype, which stands for Quality and Hype, is actually pronounced Kwipe, but the missing vowel proved tricky for Lord Sugar’s would-be entrepreneur.

Attempting to spell out the word, Tom came up with Kwy-pie, Kwy-pee and even Key-pee-why, inspiring the name of Team Logic’s fast food chain, MyPy.

Qype is Europe’s largest consumer reviews site, with over 1.9 million reviews and recommendations of shops and services across 166,000 locations worldwide, including a lot of pie shops.

“However you say it, Qype helps consumers decide where to spend their money,” says Sarah Drinkwater of Qype.

“It highlights the best and exposes the worst businesses, wherever they are.”

Pop-up pie shop MyPy doesn’t feature on Qype, but here are the top ten best places to enjoy a piece of pie in the UK, according to Qype’s reviewers:

1. Urban Pie, Birmingham
“To all the other pie lovers out there... YOU HAVE TO COME HERE!” ry7444, Qype

2. Pie Minister, Bristol
“MMMMMmmmmmmmn pie. Lurvely. They pack in a lot of flavour and you can have mash / peas / gravy in the box too.” Caffeineisgreat, Qype

3. Mad O'Rourke’s Pie Factory, Tipton, West Midlands
“Excellent pies and grills, proper Black Country food - the mixed grill is served on a shovel!” Kevin27, Qype

4. Battersea Pie Station, Covent Garden, London
“Cracking gravy, or liquor if you’re a proper cockney.”  Linus, Qype

5. Pie Maker, Edinburgh
“Yay for pastry. Yay for golden brown pillows of loveliness.” Linus, Qype

6. Clark’s Pie Shop, Canton, Cardiff
“A legendary food in Cardiff, everyone loves Clark’s pies and the quality keeps people coming back from miles around.” Badgerface, Qype

7. Little Greek Pie Company, Fitzrovia, London
“Fab! Fab! Fab! Made from wholesome original family recipes, they look so good, taste so good; they are the best pies in town!” fionaskene, Qype

8. Apple Pie Eating House, Ambleside
“This is the nicest place in Ambleside. The hot chocolate with baileys here is lovely with a slice of pie.”  sparkysue, Qype

9. Central Pie Shop, Sittingbourne
“The pies here are legendary, if you live in Sittingbourne and haven’t tried a meat and bean pie then you aren’t an official resident of the town.” Plushchris, Qype

10. L. Manze Pie and Mash Shop, Walthamstow
“If you crave a bit of Cockney nostalgia, this is the best. It’s hardly changed in my lifetime or my mum’s (she’s 78).” phantomjasmine, Qype