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Brits get spicy - 80% seek exotic cuisines to spice up mealtimes

19th August 2011 Print
Walkers Sensations new flavours

The trend for new and exciting food is increasing in popularity as 80% of Brits choose exotic cuisines to spice up their meal times, according to research released by Walkers Sensations.

The research, questioning over 2,000 people, shows that the nation’s taste buds are changing as people become more adventurous in their food choices and are looking further afield for their culinary kicks. Far flung food inspiration ranges from across the globe with people regularly enjoying Japanese (35%), Latin American (21%) and even African (18%) cuisines, both in restaurants and at home.

It’s not only global dishes that are setting the UK’s palate alight as 43% of Brit’s admit to adding hot sauce, spices or chilli to their food at least once a week and a further one in 10 can’t live without additional heat on their plate, adding it to their food at least once a day.

Variety is the spice of life

The nation’s appetite for spicy food is being championed by 25-34 year olds with more people choosing to add extra spice to their mealtimes than in any other age group. Over one in 10 (14%) admitted that they’re addicted to adding spice or chilli to their food and that it tastes bland without it. What’s more, a further 30% say that the older they get, the more they enjoy spicy food.

When questioned as to whether they consider themselves to be adventurous eaters, spice lovers in Northern Ireland came out top with over a third (35%) acknowledging their enjoyment of new and adventurous food. Hot on Northern Ireland’s fiery heels were exotic eaters in the North West (33%) and East Anglia (32%) respectively.

To celebrate the nation’s love of spicy food, Walkers Sensations have released two new Latin American inspired flavours - Smoked Monterrey Chilli with Goats Cheese and Mexican Fiery Sweet Chipotle. The new and exotic flavours will join classics like Thai Sweet Chilli and Caramelised Onion & Balsamic Vinegar.

The new flavours are the perfect way to spice up a Friday night in and with three quarters (76%) of UK adults’ stating they prefer to stay in on a Friday night with some snacks and a bottle of wine instead of hitting the town– making Sensations the ideal accompaniment to that end of the week wind-down.

Adriana Ribeiro, Marketing Director for Walkers Sharing Brands comments: “The British are known for their passion for food and it’s great to see them embracing exotic and spicy flavours.

Walkers went on a year-long culinary adventure to discover the perfect combination of flavours to bring the spicy and exotic flavours that Brits love into a bag of Sensations. We’re sure the new Latin American inspired Sensations won’t disappoint.”

To find out more about new Walkers Sensations, visit or

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Walkers Sensations new flavours Walkers Sensations new flavours