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Tyresure Bus and Truck Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

25th October 2011 Print
Tyresure Truck and Bus Kit

Having already enjoyed considerable success in the UK consumer market with its passenger car TPMS system, market leader Tyresure has now unveiled its multi-axle truck and bus application. The Tyresure system can handle up to four tyres per axle and up to six axles, meaning 24 separate pressures and temperatures can be constantly monitored and then relayed back to the driver in an easy-to-read format with full automatic alerts.

The system has been designed with the needs of busy hauliers and commercial operators firmly in mind, with several clever design features clearly intended to make short work of tractor unit swaps and tyre rotation. Each tractor unit is equipped with its own tyre sensors, and trailer ID module which connects the trailer to the tractor unit, allowing multiple trailers to be used with one tractor unit. The trailer and tractor pressures are constantly displayed on the clear LED display fitted in the driver cab. Each trailer being used can then be equipped with sensors in each tyre, which then automatically ‘marry’ with each tractor unit as soon as they get within 2 metres of each other – or more simply put, once coupled.

Each individual sensor is matched to a unique ID module which clips into its corresponding position on the back of the dash display. If tyres need to be rotated from side to side or from axle to axle, simply unclip the sensor from its original position, move it to the appropriate socket for its new position.. and that’s it! The unit automatically reconfigures and displays all salient information in seconds.

Research undertaken by a leading tyre manufacturer has revealed that just a 15-20% drop in tyre pressure leads to a 5-10% increase in fuel consumption and a shocking 30% increase in tyre wear. A drop in pressure this small is not visible to the naked eye, but can have a huge effect on the running costs and safety record of a coach or haulage operator. Thoroughly researched data from the Department of Transport highlighted that tyre wear was the probable cause of over 2,600 serious injuries and 40+ fatalities as a direct result of blowouts or tyre deflation each year.

Tyresure combats these statistics by using a long-life sensor mounted inside each wheel to sample tyre data every 3 seconds. This is then collated, and refreshed every 30 seconds to provide the driver with an accurate overview of tyre pressures at a glance. If a leak is detected before the 30 second refresh then the driver is alerted immediately. Each sensor lasts an astonishing 5 years under normal operating conditions, meaning that Tyresure is simply fitted and forgotten, lasting for several tyre changes. Its operating range also vastly exceeds even the UK’s changeable climate, being able to work in any temperatures from between -30 and +85 degrees.

By opting for the Tyresure Smart Tool, fleets can also enjoy the convenience of being able to configure read and interrogate sensors remotely, whilst doing a walk-around check, for instance. All of the data that is captured by this system can also be used for fleet management and analytical purposes. The display unit automatically stores the tyre pressure and temperature data from the sensors, which can then be displayed through the Smart Tool and downloaded to a PC for subsequent analysis. This data shows continual pressure and temperature data, as well as logging alarms against a timeline. If an alarm has been ignored by a driver, this will be apparent on the system.

Tyresure UK Managing Director Ian Smith commented. ‘In the current financial climate, this is something all operators can opt for, with minimal outlay, to significantly reduce their costs and improved their HSE procedures. The unit can self-finance within the first year, simply on fuel and tyre savings alone - and that’s before you factor in the time saving from physically having to check pressures the old-fashioned way - or the significant safety benefits.’

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Tyresure Truck and Bus Kit Tyresure Truck System