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Frozen party food for easy entertaining

27th October 2011 Print
King Prawns

Rarely is Christmas the relaxing break we hope for. Despite best-laid intentions, there's always a last-minute flurry of activity - buying presents, writing cards, visiting family and baking mince pies.  So when you've got your hands full already, why on earth would you throw a party? The answer? Tesco frozen party food. As part of their freshness and quality everyday campaign, Tesco range of frozen party food is made with carefully chosen ingredients and comes prepared, ready to pop in the oven. Frozen party food provides the key ingredient to a stress free party - throw in a few bottles of bubbly, a roaring fire and a handful of guests and then sit back and relax.

For a bit of added luxury, Tesco have included a few of their Finest lines in the range, including everyone's favourite Finest Pork Cocktail Sausages Wrapped in Bacon. This crowd-pleaser canapé is made with meaty British pork sausages wrapped in a blanket of oak-smoked British dry cured streaky bacon. Roast in the oven until crispy and golden and serve hot with bowls of ketchup or mayo to dunk.  But be warned - your guests might never leave!

Or, for a more exotic mouthful, Finest Jumbo Tempura King Prawns are a luxurious treat straight from the Orient. These big, succulent King Prawns, coated in airy, golden tempura batter are to be savoured not scoffed. They're at their best served piping hot from the oven, dipped in sweet chilli sauce or simply sprinkled with sea salt.

If you just can't decide, then don't! Tesco have put together a couple of combinations of mouthwatering bite-sized morsels to suit the indecisive among us. Their Finest Oriental Prawn Selection includes fresh-tasting prawn and coriander spring rolls, juicy king prawn parcels and crispy, delicious whole king prawn toasts. And to serve alongside, try Finest Oriental Spring Rolls - a selection of 12 crisp-fried wafer thin pastry cylinders stuffed with three different fillings - shredded roast duck and plum, tender chicken and black beans, and crunchy vegetable and sesame.

Not one to forget their roots, Tesco have looked to traditional British recipes for inspiration. The result - the humble steak pie, in miniature! Finest Mini British Steak & Ale Pies are filled with prime cuts of tender British steak, braised slowly in deep, meaty gravy enriched with famous Bishops Finger ale. The meltingly tender meat is then spooned into short, crumbly all-butter pastry shells, topped with a pastry lid and baked until golden so all you have to do is warm through in the oven and serve. Another classic that'll have guests clamouring for more!

Don't get caught out this Christmas. None of the frozen party food takes longer than 30 minutes in the oven to warm through, so you'll have time on your hands to put up a paper chain, plump the cushions and then relax with a drink before your guests arrive. It really is that easy.

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King Prawns