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Watching movies at home most popular way to de-stress after Christmas

24th November 2011 Print

A recent survey reveals that movies at home has become an integral part of Christmas tradition: more than nine out of ten people (93 percent) will watch a movie at home over Christmas, with Boxing Day the most popular time followed closely by Christmas night. The majority of UK respondents (93 percent) cited watching movies at home as a great way to relax after the excitement of Christmas Day - making it more popular than eating (90 percent) or drinking (76 percent) as a way to unwind. A further testament to movies’ power to help folks find some peace: the most popular place to watch a film outside of the living room is in bed (38 percent).

Movies at home are also a family affair, with approximately eight out of 10 (77 percent) saying they prefer to watch home entertainment with their families as it’s an opportunity to bring people together. A nation of film-lovers, more than one in ten (11 percent) will enjoy watching one during Christmas dinner. Favourite film to watch at Christmas: A Christmas Carol, followed by The Santa Clause, Love Actually, It’s a Wonderful Life and Elf.

Given the popularity of movies at home during Christmas, the Digital Entertainment Group Europe, an industry body comprised of film studios as well as other players in the home entertainment sector, has released its predictions for the hottest Blu-ray and DVD titles this Christmas shopping season.

Hottest Blu-ray / DVDs for Holiday Cheer
It’s a Wonderful Life: 65th Anniversary Edition
Bugsy Malone
Scared Shrekless
The Polar Express
Santa Buddies
Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas
Annie/ Oliver box set
A Dog’s Christmas Miracle

Hottest Restored Films on Blu-ray
Cars 2
Star Wars: The Complete Saga
Back to the Future
Brief Encounter
Breakfast at Tiffany’s
The Wizard of Oz
Stand By Me

Favourite Genres to Watch over Christmas
In terms of what people like to watch over Christmas, comedies were voted the most popular genre of film by 62 percent of respondents, followed by family/holiday themed films (52 percent). Men tend to prefer a bit more excitement, with the majority (55 percent) saying they like action movies at Christmas. And, some do prefer even more untraditional entertainment, with more than one in ten women (13 percent) and men (17 percent) citing horror as their genre of choice during the Christmas season.

“Films can be a wonderful part of the Christmas tradition – there’s a real satisfaction in enjoying a favourite title every year, and it can really help you get into the Christmas spirit,” noted Alastair Plumb, professional film reviewer. “For any film lover on your Christmas list, I’d suggest looking at some of the great restored classics now available on Blu-ray – seeing a loved film that’s been enhanced to best reflect the director’s original vision is often like seeing it again for the first time.”