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Learn a new skill while on holiday

20th December 2011 Print sets the trend for unique holidays where the goal is to learn a new skill while enjoying a break.

“Holidays are about rejuvenation and there’s no better way to do so than to explore a new place while picking up a new skill that will reinvent either your body or your mind,” says Nadine Hallak, Travel Expert for

“These unique opportunities often come as a package with accommodation and flights, so they can often be cheaper than a standard getaway and even more rewarding,” adds Hallak.

Here the website offers its top five picks of skilful getaways:

Dance in Cuba:
Cubans love to dance and salsa is one of the most fun and exhilarating ways to experience the country’s true culture. One of the most popular traditional Cuban dances is the Habanera, unique with its slow pace and delicate movements. This dance originated during the 19th century when much of the population was of Spanish origin. Havana and Santiago de Cuba have the largest selection of venues for salsa, however, clubs can be found all across Cuba. All inclusive hotels often offer salsa lessons as evening entertainment or as part of a package. Flights to Cuba start from £471 return.

Horse riding in Transylvania:
With iconic films such as Twilight making vampire related locales highly popular, where better to holiday than to the destination normally associated with them. A tour on horseback is the perfect way to experience the breath-taking sights and tranquil atmosphere of Romania. On a horse-riding holiday in Transylvania, visitors will discover traditional folk villages where horses still plough the fields, and the food is grown on small old-style farms. There are a number of horse-riding clubs in Romania that offer single guided tours or even packages that include food, accommodation and a day of riding. Flights to Romania start from £137 return.

Ashanti craft workshops in Ghana:
Visiting an Ashanti craft workshop is a must-do for all travelling to Ghana. Locals teach the art of making indigenous craft items, such as Kente weaving, pottery, brass casting and Adinkra printing. The city of Kumasi is the capital of the Ashanti region and boasts one of Africa’s biggest markets as well as the largest number of local crafts. It is best to join an organised tour where visitors can enjoy a full day’s itinerary of activities as part of a group. Flights to Ghana start from £370 return.

Learn photography in Spain:
One of Britain’s most favoured holiday destinations, Spain, offers a lot more than just sand and sea. Try a Spanish holiday with a difference and swap the Costa del Sol for Andalucia. Its mountains, underwater world and colourful culture makes it the ideal spot for a photography learning holiday, with courses available for various levels including beginners. Photography hopefuls have the opportunity to stay in traditional villages and visit iconic attractions like the Alhambra while contributing to tourism and giving something back to local economies. Flights to Spain start from £107 return.

Learn sailing in Greece:
Become a sailor in just one week while soaking up the sun-kissed seas of glorious Greece. Climb aboard for seven nights to receive instruction from a qualified yacht instructor. The secret to navigating through the Mediterranean will be unveiled in just a few days, and sailing hopefuls can explore lesser known locales on a daily basis while enjoying stop-offs to experience the authentic shopping and local cuisine. Flights to Greece start from £148 return.

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