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The Reuben meatball

26th December 2011 Print

The Reuben is a grilled meat and cheese sandwich which is big news in the States, and the food gurus at Meatballs have cleverly come up with a healthier alternative – meaty goodness without the bread! This American staple combines corned beef with mellow Gruyère cheese, sweet and tangy Thousand Island dressing and crunchy sauerkraut to make for a deliciously flavourful and distinctive meal.

Follow the recipe below to make your own delicious Reuben meatballs.


500g corned beef, finely diced
500g ground pork
250g chopped sauerkraut (squeezed to remove as much liquid as possible)
450g gruyere cheese, grated
75g rye bread, finely diced
1 large egg
5g salt
1 teaspoon caraway seeds


Beat the egg together with the salt and caraway seeds. Combine with all other ingredients in a large mixing bowl and mix by hand until thoroughly blended. 

Roll the mixture into round 2oz meatballs, making sure to pack the meat firmly. 

Place meatballs on to the baking tray so they are lined up evenly in rows and each is touching its four neighbours in the grid. 

Cook meatballs in a preheated oven, gas mark 4 until firm and cooked through, about 15-20 minutes. 

Allow meatballs to cool for 5 minutes before removing from the tray. 

Serve with Thousand Island dressing, and enjoy!
1000 Island Dressing

375ml mayonnaise
125ml ketchup
65g sweet gherkin pickles, diced
125ml whole milk
2 ½ teaspoons caraway seeds

Mix all ingredients together in a bowl and refrigerate.

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