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New 70-inch LCD-TV giant from Sharp

13th January 2012 Print

Equipped with an impressive diagonal screen size of 177 centimeters, the AQUOS LC-70LE835E will turn heads in living rooms everywhere. Thanks to Quattron Technology and full LED backlight, the new LCD-TV from Sharp shines with brilliant colors and unparalleled picture quality. Its attractive features and excellent energy efficiency round out the overall package and offer a fascinating multimedia experience.

The AQUOS LC-70LE835LE from Sharp delivers nearly life-size pictures and brings real cinema or stadium feeling right into the living room with its impressive screen size of 177 centimeters (70 inches). Whether they’re watching blockbusters in 2D or 3D or their favorite football team, consumers win with this new LCD-TV’s brilliant picture quality and realistic detail rendition, thanks to four-color Quattron Technology and full LED backlight. Fine color gradation representation makes for a captivating viewing experience, while Scanning Backlight 200Hz technology reduces motion blurring. The integrated time shift function makes it possible to stop TV shows in progress and watch later for flexible viewing pleasure anytime.

An array of additional functions makes for a multimedia TV experience
It’s not just size and amazing picture quality that make the AQUOS LC-70LE835E so convincing. Its extensive features make for an up-to-date multimedia experience and turns watching TV into something completely new. Via the AQUOS NET+ smart TV platform, viewers gain access to more than 50 different apps, such as the video-on-demand platform Viewster and broadcasters’ own media libraries, as well as access to the free internet. Additionally, the AQUOS LC-70LE835E has an integrated triple-HD tuner (DVB-T/DVB-C/DVB-S2) plus media player. By using the media player, consumers can comfortably access photos, videos and music from their TV using a USB flash drive or via their home network with DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance). Users receive current television listings through the electronic program guide (EPG) and can always call up a seven-day television schedule at the press of a button. Thanks to its extremely low power consumption, the LCD-TV meets the strict requirements for inclusion in the A+ energy efficiency class.

Sharp customers always play it safe with the 2+1 Guarantee – a 1-year warranty on all purchased AQUOS LCD-TVs that we’ve extended to 3 years. Consumers can register their TV sets directly in the shop, online or by mail for up to three months after purchase. If there’s ever a problem, Sharp Service comes right to the owner’s home.

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