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Why you should look into motorcycle ownership

25th January 2012 Print

When the weather is perfect, the sky is blue and the roads are clear, little can compare to the experience of guiding your motorbike through glorious countryside. It is not hard to savour such moments, but the test of a real enthusiast comes when the weather is not so kind. When it is raining, cold or even too hot in your leathers, this is when your mettle is truly tested as a motorbike rider. Do you rise to the challenge and enjoy a test of your driving skills? This is why motorbikes are popular with some people; their ability to turn every journey into an active challenge and make even a humdrum journey a fun experience.

Motorcycle owners often have a keen sense of pride in their machines. Far more than the middle-of-the-road car owner. Owning a motorcycle is about joining an exclusive club, alongside committed enthusiasts who will always have the time to swap war stories, equipment advice, tales of thrilling journeys and moans about four wheeled motorists.

Motorcycles are excellent money savers. A motorcycle is an extremely economical vehicle to drive and bike insurance is relatively inexpensive. While the most efficient of cars can hope to achieve 60 mpg, a motorcycle can easily average more than 100 mpg. In reality, a car driven predominately in an urban environment will never achieve 100% efficiency. Therefore, car drivers can expect an average of 20 to 30 mpg. A motorcycle is the obvious winner for fuel efficiency, helping you reduce your carbon emissions and improve your green credentials.

A modern motorcycle can take much of the grind out of the daily commute, and perhaps even turn this journey into a fun exercise. The next time you find yourself stuck in a vast motorway traffic jam take note of the motorcycle riders weaving in and out of the stationary cars and speeding on to their destinations.

Motorcycle riders are also entitled to use special lanes which can be a massive boost for those seeking to efficiently navigate a large city. After all, when you want a package delivered to the other side of a large city your carrier arrives on two wheels!

Amazingly, riding a motorcycle every day has been demonstrated to keep your brain in tiptop condition. In a study, conducted by the University of Tokyo riders between the age of 40 and 50 were shown to improve the levels of cognitive functioning, compared to a control group, after riding a motorcycle direct to their workplace for merely two months. Scientists believe that the extra concentration needed to successfully drive a motorcycle can contribute to general levels of brain functioning.

One of the most dispiriting aspects of car ownership is the near daily grind of driving in circles searching for a parking space. This is a problem, which is inevitably worse the larger a city you live in, and which can easily be avoided if you use a motorcycle to travel. The savings in time and parking fees from this alone over the course of the year can be significant.

It is well worth taking advanced motorcycle lessons to improve your skills in handling your motorcycle. Your life is truly in your own hands when riding a bike. The better equipped you are to deal with all situations the smaller the chance of ever having an accident. Advanced driver training can also reduce your motorcycle insurance premiums making this already cost-effective way to travel cheaper still.

Who knows? This may be just the start of the journey. You may get the bug to continue your education and one day even end up as the teacher yourself, passing your skills on to the next generation of budding motorcyclists.