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Starting and growing an insurance brokerage: challenges and rewards for women

Inequality between women and men is a hot topic right now (think the BBC gender pay-gap row), and rightly so. Across most industries, women face barriers that prevent them from being in senior positions, receiving the same pay as their male counterparts and starting their own businesses.

How Millennial pastimes differ from Baby Boomers

Whether it’s attitudes in the workplace, lifestyle choices or their favourite food and drinks, we’re constantly being told about the differences between Millennials and Baby Boomers. So much so that it seems like the two generations are worlds apart.

Jobs to consider after retirement

Census data was released in 2017, that revealed that there are more elderly people living across Canada today.

First impressions: what people notice when they enter your workplace

First impressions: what people notice when they enter your workplace

Many people roll out their own version of the red carpet when guests visit their home, but it’s a little trickier to do so when it’s the workplace.

How is a business treated in divorce?

How is a business treated in divorce?

Businesses can be a tricky and complicated area when it comes to getting a divorce. Regularly, I am approached by my clients who ask how they can “get their hands on” their spouse’s business assets.

Office unhappiness and ‘clock watcher syndrome’ is rife and needs to be addressed by businesses

Does your nine to five feel like a lifetime? Negativity is rife and a recent poll found that just 24% of Australian employees feel engaged with the work they do, and some workplaces are not doing anything to challenge this statistic.

What can you do after a life-changing work accident?

An accident at work can turn your life upside down. Not only does it impact you physically, the emotional scope can be huge.

Children’s games

Were you part of the era where children’s games weren’t confined to computer screens, handheld consoles and mobile phones? Together with Acorn Stairlifts, we take a look at the games that the older generation used to play.

4 proven tips to help you land the interview for your dream job now

Whether you’re looking for your very first job, or ready to look for something better, you’ve picked the perfect time. In the United States, the UK, and markets all over the world, jobs are being filled at a rate not seen since before the Great Recession hit in 2008.

5 tips to Increase your chance of landing a finance job

Competition at all levels of the finance industry has never been more ferocious. A uniquely rewarding profession to get into, finance attracts graduates and professionals from all walks of life.

Brexit and Immigration Rights – What you need to know

The return of Nigel Farage to the Brexit debate should hardly come as a surprise, particularly as the deadline date of March 29th, 2019 homes into view.

How to deal with an elderly relative’s declining mobility

No one wants to see their elderly relative grow old and start to lose their independence. Something which a lot of people start to struggle with is their ability to be mobile and how they get around.

Things to do as a first semester premedical student

Applying to medical school starts a long time before you submit the application. There are lots of things that you need to do to prepare for medical school, and you should be checking off some of these tasks as early as your freshman year for the best chance of getting accepted.

Eating together improves family relationships, says therapist

Eating together improves family relationships, says therapist

The latest survey into Brits’ eating habits has revealed an ambivalent relationship with meals and nutrition. When asked where they enjoyed eating the most, one in three respondents chose the dinner table (top preference).

Are men’s engagement rings making a comeback?

Are men’s engagement rings making a comeback?

The first campaign to introduce men’s engagement rings began in 1926, when American jewellery retailers collaborated to try and promote the idea.