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1st week of November is New Year’s Resolutions time

Research shows we’re already thinking about NY resolutions, & experts suggest we should start them now if we want to succeed.

What are the main causes of indigestion?

Indigestion is a complex and painful condition. Most people at some time in their lives will suffer from this complaint.

Doctors need training on eating disorders

Lives are being lost because Britain’s GPs are not trained well enough in recognising the psychiatric symptoms which result in eating disorders, such as anorexia and bulimia.

Pasta’s back on the menu

Pasta’s back on the menu

If you’re dieting and trying to lose weight, whether you’re on the Dukan diet, the GI diet or the Atkins diet, pasta is almost always off limits. Nutritional experts may now have to have a re-think however as September sees the launch of a product from Australia that promises to put pasta well and truly back on the menu.

Curry cleanser

Curry cleanser

Turmeric may be best known as an ingredient used in Asian cooking, but recent studies have shown it should be in our diets this festive period for reasons other than taste.

Sex and the sickie

Half of Brits (49 per cent) will avoid kissing their partner when they have a cold, while one in three (32 per cent) will say no to more ‘intimate’ situations - according to a new survey of 2,500 UK adults by leading cough brand Covonia.

Malaria: still costing lives in the UK and killing an African child every 30 seconds

More than 1000 people in the UK were infected with a deadly form of malaria after travelling to the tropics in 2012, according to a recent Public Health England report.

Four in ten exercise to look good, rather than be healthy

Four out of ten fitness fanatics exercise to look good rather than to be healthy, a new study has shown.

The best weight lifting gloves and why you need them

Wight-lifting gloves hint that you’re getting to a certain level of capability and that you’ve already passed a few milestones in terms of what you can lift.

Health ‘wake-up call’ hits at 39

Health ‘wake-up call’ hits at 39

The average Brit is struck by a health wake-up call at the age of 39, a new study has shown. Researchers found the approach to the big 4-0 is the point when we really start to worry about the long-term health implications of the bad habits and poor diets from our younger years.

More than 1 in 4 with back pain suffer depression

Today marks the start of ‘Backcare Awareness Week' and new research from protection provider Friends Life has today revealed the impact that back pain can have on sufferers' psychological wellbeing.

Quit smoking in ‘Stoptober’ and become healthier and wealthier

Stoptober 2013 is in full swing and research from reveals smokers who get involved and kick the habit will benefit from healthier bodies and bank balances.

Shark antibodies could provide key to targeting breast cancer

Shark antibodies could provide key to targeting breast cancer

Aberdeen scientists are investigating if antibodies found naturally in sharks could be used to target breast cancer.

iPosture - more young people suffering from back pain, gadgets the cause

Ipads, tablets and smartphones are causing an increase in the number of people suffering from back pain, new research has shown.

Green machines place North Somerset health club as world leader

Green machines place North Somerset health club as world leader

A North Somerset health club has become the first venue in the world to install environmentally friendly fitness equipment that will feed back electricity into the building’s power supply while they’re being used.