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Anguish of Windows Phone 7 users ends

26th March 2012 Print
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Mobile device management vendor Mobilethink today announces the April roll-out of an Over-the-Air connectivity solution for all Windows Phone 7 handsets. For the first time, all WP7 users will be able to use the mobile Internet from power-up irrespective of network.

The unique WP7 solution forms part of Mobilethink’s upcoming Device Management Solution 3.5 update that will be offered to a network operators and MVNOs worldwide.

Network operators traditionally rely upon device manufacturers to pre-configure Windows Phone 7 handsets for use on all networks. However, since Microsoft-based devices first started to be introduced into their networks, carriers’ customer care centres have been inundated with calls from WP7 users complaining that they cannot connect to the internet, send MMS or access their social networking sites due to connection errors or lack of pre-configured operator settings for their specific network.

Some WP7 models effectively prevent the user or operator from correcting these settings after the devices are shipped due to Microsoft security policies, so care centres have been obliged to advise WP7 users to contact directly device manufacturers such as Nokia, HTC, Samsung and LG and request re-configuration settings for their handsets to operate in a specific network.

In some cases, WP7 users have had to wait for weeks for their devices to be re-configured incurring consumer wrath and loss of revenues for carriers.

“As the device management specialist, it was clearly the remit of Mobilethink to resolve this growing Microsoft-device connectivity headache,” says Thomas Yde Frederiksen, Mobilethink’s chief of product management and marketing. “Thanks to our test cooperation alliances in place with device manufacturers including the leading WP7 makers, Mobilethink once again proves the value of high quality device management services in order to enable carriers to welcome any data-capable device into their networks.”

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