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Choosing the right smartphone

19th October 2020 Print

Our daily habits and uses for our smartphones have changed over time as the devices we use have become more powerful, but with so many different phones on the market with a wide array of features from differences in hardware and software, it can often be difficult to decide which is the best for your specific uses. So, what should you look out for when picking your new smartphone and how will it change the way you use your phone?

Choosing your display – Many of the big flagship devices have made the switch to an AMOLED or OLED for their display – the pros and cons of each are typically a little mixed and largely focus on the usability in direct sunlight, the colours of the darker tones, and just overall quality for example but you may not have much choice for this profile as it has become quite standardized. The biggest difference here is within the refresh rates as many devices are now offering up to 120hz – or how many times the screen refreshes per second, double that of most devices which typically default to 60hz. From gaming to scrolling, this can make things feel much smoother and more responsive, and if you’re looking for this change this may be something important to keep an eye out for. 

Network connectivity – It has become important to remain more connected than ever, and with the big feature for newer devices being 5G connectivity this is more important than ever. One of the more popular habits found on our devices has been within different betting categories and staying always connected to get the latest sports results or to update your latest wager and share that across your social media has become a big defining feature for most – services such as PointsBet Illinois are delivering these services to a growing number of players and if this is going to be a big focus for you, be sure to pick up a device that has 5G connectivity ready and if you’re more focussed on what can be delivered here you can look at the specifics of the chip itself to determine the maximum speeds you’ll achieve.

Battery life and storage – Other key aspects of modern devices are the battery life capabilities and the storage – expandable storage has been taken away from many devices and if this is something that’s important to you it’s certainly worth making sure it’s available, particularly if you can save costs on buying a smaller capacity device with expandable storage. Similarly expandable battery options have become much thinner as devices have changed so finding out which devices offer the best battery life for your use – whilst some devices may offer differences here however many largely offer the same capacity and it may be difficult to find any differences. 

With so many different uses of modern devices however, there’s certainly a lot of other features to look out for, with these three representing the most sought after – keeping these in mind however may help you get the most bang for your buck and pick up the device which best suits your needs.

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