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Real privacy can be yours, with the right phone

15th March 2022 Print

People are concerned about their privacy rights, and why wouldn’t they be, after watching so many high-profile politicians and executives become the victims of hackers. We live in a world where using a cell phone is commonplace, but the risk of a data breach is real.

To keep your personal information safe, you need a phone with the following features.

Data Encryption Technology

End-to-end cell phone encryption software is a must when you’re looking for the right communication platform. Be sure to find a device that protects your data at rest and in transit. 

Free apps promote “end-to-end encryption,” but they often have security weaknesses that undermine the encryption. Once you download a third-party app, you have no control over how it accesses, stores, or shares the personal data it collects, which you agree to in the terms of use.

If you accept these policies, you are granting access to your private information, which is sold by the app developer. The point of having an encrypted mobile device is to keep your sensitive data private. If you are not paying for the product, you are the product.

Proprietary Design Means No Server Storage

Having a hardened device designed specifically for security provides you with crucial privacy features not found on free communication apps. The most secure phones use a proprietary design that eliminates the need for server storage, so your phone calls, texts, and emails are not at risk of exposure on a server that can potentially get hacked.

Ensure your service provider only retains basic information like your username, activation date, and expiry date on their server.

Secondary Privacy Features

Users deserve to have granular, nuanced control over how their information is shared and shielded. Numerous secondary features provide this level of protection.

For example, the self-destructing message feature on the leading phones wipes any message, picture, or note on both devices at the appointed time, even without a Wi-Fi connection. If you should lose or misplace your phone, you won’t have to worry about the data stored on the device. With remote wipe, you can instantly delete all the data on the phone.

A duress password will come in handy if you’re in a dangerous situation where someone is trying to get access to your phone for them to peruse forcibly. All you need to do is enter the duress password when it looks like you’re entering the regular password, and it will wipe all the phone’s information. 

One-Touch Access

Finally, security shouldn’t be complicated or time-consuming. Today’s leading phones make security a breeze with one-touch access to the features people use every day. Group chats, contacts, picture messages, and more should all be accessible with the press of a button.

In the past, the most secure phones were either cumbersome to use or had vulnerabilities. Now, users get the best of both worlds.

Life today is interconnected. If you’re trying to keep up with the technology without compromising your privacy, you need a phone with the features described above. Avoid the free communication apps that speak a big game about encryption but have been compromised many times before because of all their other vulnerabilities.  

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