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Five steps to take prior to selling your iPhone

8th October 2020 Print

You are due for an upgrade on your device and the time has come to get ready to sell your old phone. There are several steps that you should take prior to selling it, to ensure that you receive maximum return on your old device. 

Selling your phone is a great way to get some cash together to help pay for your upgrade. Making sure it’s backed up, clean, and in good working condition. If it’s broken, that’s okay too, as there are some options available to you. 

Back your phone up!

This is the absolute first step and the most important step. A fresh backup will save you anguish and potential frustration. Keeping an up to date backup of your device is quite simple these days. If you have an iPhone, make sure to keep a regular sync to your iCloud, or plug your device into your computer and backup into iTunes. The step by step process can be found under the settings menu, tap your name at the top, and then select iCloud. From that menu you’ll locate the backup menu. 

Clean your phone!

No one likes a dirty phone. If you apply a bit of hand sanitizer to a rag, gently wipe down the device and get all the corners, front, and back. Make sure it’s clean. This will help you receive a higher return on your buyback when you decide to sell your iphone

Repair your phone!

Most carriers will not accept a broken iphone as a trade-in. Fortunately there are many options out there where you can easily find an iphone repair. You will get top dollar for a device if it is in good working order. There are many companies out there that will buy your device even if it is broken, but it is worth getting it fixed, as you will see returns of 50% or more if you have a newer device, making it a good deal to find an affordable option to fix your phone. 

Gather your accessories!

If you are planning to use an online buyback service, you will receive more money if you have all original accessories, boxes, and manuals. While you might not think it, this simple task can help get you an extra $5-$10 for your old phone. 

Time to erase it!

Real quick, make sure it’s backed up. Once this is done, you need to make sure that you remove all your data. This very important step, is rather quick and painless. First off, log out of your iCloud account. Go into settings, tap your name at the top, which will pull up a menu where you can click sign out. Once you are signed out, go back to your home screen. Tap settings, general, scroll to the bottom and tap reset. This menu will give you the option to reset. Proceed through this and the device will then reboot and be set to factory settings. 

You’re ready to sell it!

If you follow these steps prior to buying a new phone, your return on selling your device will be much greater. Take your time, be selective, and most importantly, be thorough. Once you’re ready, find a reputable buyback service, place your order, send the device in, and sit back, enjoy a cup of coffee, and you’ll have a top dollar payment for your device in no time. The opportunity to get some extra spending money is out there, and to maximize you return, and save you a lot of headache, take the time to thoroughly check these basic steps off your list.