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Broadband now costs less than a pint of beer

1st May 2012 Print

Independent telephone service provider Direct Save Telecom has launched the UK’s lowest priced broadband deal.

Direct Save’s transparent offer has no gimmicks or headline grabbing numbers like half price for the first 6 months that end up costing more – quite simply, it give customers low cost broadband and free evening and weekend calls for the entire length of the 24 month contract.

Its nearest competitors in this market are Tesco and Primus, but Direct Save still proves to be the best value for money. Tesco’s price more than doubles from £2.50 a month to £6.50 after the first year, while Primus’s £1.20 a month offer proves more expensive as customers are required to pay a connection cost.

So this recession busting offer, coming at a time when the prices of many other amenities in the UK continue to soar, means the monthly price of Direct Save’s broadband is less expensive than a pint of beer. However, unlike a pint of beer which disappears in a matter of minutes, Direct Save’s offer of broadband and free evening and weekend calls lasts for the whole month.

This unbelievable offer will see customers only paying £2.49 per month. Included in this deal is free set-up, a free wireless router, free UK calls evenings and weekends, UK based freephone 24/7 broadband support and UK based customer services. Customers will also enjoy up to 24Mb broadband speeds (typical 13Mb) and 20Gb usage. The minimum contract length is 24 months, but unlike many other broadband offers available Direct Save’s monthly charge of £2.49 will not double or treble after a few months – it will stay constant throughout the life of your contract. Customers will also have to take Direct Save Telecom’s line rental which costs £12.85 per month (BT charge £14.60).

Direct Save CEO, Stavros Tsolakis, says that they are proud to offer customers this fantastic broadband deal, especially in the face of all the price rises that are occurring across the board in the UK just now.

“Prices are going crazy just now. Petrol is going through the roof, there is about to be a 30% increase in the price of a first class stamp, and you do not get much change from a fiver when you buy a pint of beer. We are all currently being hit hard in the pocket, and if the forecasters are proved correct, there could be more hard times ahead.

“This is why we are delighted to be able to offer this great deal to the UK broadband market. Customers will only have to pay £2.49 a month, which means we will be the lowest priced provider in the UK. We envisage this great deal, as well as our excellent customer care policy which includes 24/7 UK based customer support, will allow us to compete with the larger telecom companies who dominate the market just now.

Tsolakis adds: “Simply put, broadband customers will not be able to find a better deal anywhere in the UK – Direct Save Telecom is proud to be able to say this. We are also delighted to offer complete clarity in this deal, there will be no changes in price after one year and no additional costs added - what you see is exactly what you get.”

For more information on Direct Save’s broadband offer, visit