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Sky No.1 choice for TV, broadband and home phone

2nd May 2012 Print

Sky was confirmed as the nation's favourite digital TV, broadband and home phone provider. Following a record quarter of growth, more than 3.2 million Sky homes now take the 'triple play' of services from Sky. This means around a third of all Sky homes now benefit from the greater value, simplicity and quality of service across Sky's TV and home communications products.

Since launching in 2006, the success of Sky Broadband and Sky Talk has made Sky the UK's fastest growing home communications provider. In the first 3 months of 2012, these services grew faster than ever. On average, a customer switched their broadband or home phone to Sky every 18 seconds. This resulted in 212,000 new Sky Broadband customers and 220,000 new Sky Talk customers. 3.9 million Sky homes now take their broadband from Sky, with over 3.6 million subscribing to Sky Talk. Just under 3.4 million customers take their line rental from Sky too.

On top of the rapid growth in home communications, Sky also grew its TV customer base by 15,000. And with Sky growing the overall number of homes it reaches (10.5 million), and with those customers taking more products than ever before, collectively Sky homes now subscribe to 27.7 million Sky products.

Jeremy Darroch, Sky's Chief Executive, comments: "When we launched our home communications services we believed we could be successful by introducing some much needed choice and competition to the market. I'm delighted that six years on from launch our customers are still responding in record numbers and that our sustained growth means we're now the nation's favourite TV, broadband and home phone provider. And the great news is that millions more customers have the opportunity to get a better experience and save money by switching their broadband and talk to Sky."

As well as significant savings, each week thousands of customers are switching to Sky for improved customer service, a better product experience and more flexibility:

Better service: in Ofcom's latest research on customer experience, Sky ranked above all its competitors in fixed-line broadband, home telephony and pay TV. Better experience: thanks to a state-of-the-art all-fibre core network, Sky is the only ISP to guarantee not to manage the speeds of any customer on its network. Sky's totally unlimited service is free from the fair use policies that other broadband providers use to slow speeds down at peak times to alleviate contention in their networks. More flexibility: this month Sky Broadband Unlimited customers began to enjoy free, bonus access to more than 10,000 WiFi hotspots from The Cloud. This gives customers the opportunity to enjoy unlimited, free wireless access across the high street and other locations where people want to get online. Venues include Pizza Express, Network Rail train stations, Ted Baker, Pret a Manger, Westfield and the City of London.