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Brits stung with unexpected data charges on their broadband bills

2nd August 2012 Print

More than two million Brits are being stung with extra charges despite signing up to seemingly good value broadband deals. Research from TalkTalk has found that millions of people face extra charges for going over their monthly data allowance, with some being hit with costs of up to £40 on top of their monthly subscription.
This problem is set to get worse with more and more homes watching films and TV over the internet. Ofcom found that British broadband households download an average 17GB per month yet some cheaper broadband packages only permit 10GB of data use over a month1.

There can also be serious financial repercussions for going over your allocated data allowance. For example, BT charge £5 per extra 5GB used meaning that the additional costs can quickly multiply.
TalkTalk Commercial Director Tristia Clarke said “Whilst these broadband offers initially look like a good deal we urge customers to read the fine print to check that they are not being charged when they go over these limited data allowances.
“Our TalkTalk Essentials package for example offers unbeatable value and unlimited downloads so you can enjoy as much music, film and TV as you want.”