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Meribel: The exceptional and international ski resort in Savoie

9th August 2012 Print

As part of the three valleys skiing area in the Savoie region of the Rhone Alps, Meribel is the postcard picture the area's alpine ski resorts and has the prestige to go along with it.

Founded by Brit Peter Lindsay in 1938, Meribel has retained a strong British presence since its inception. Its chalet architecture is charming and the resort is convenient to get both to and around.

Meribel will be the first resort in the 3 Valleys area to open a 5* establishment - the Kaila. It will also have a Nuxe spa with an exclusive aquatic centre.

Two famous hotels on the resort, the institution Adray Telebar and the impressive Alpen Ruitor hotel, have been upgraded in their rankings to honour their world-class facilities. For the impatient skiers out there, Meribel has improved its ski lifts to shorten the trips to the top of the slopes down to 15min maximum.

Other activities on the slopes of Meribel also include enjoying sleigh dog rides, 33km of cross country skiing and speed riding. It also has a very lively 'après-ski' scene!


26 December 2012 - Final Cup of the Ice Hockey League

23 & 24 February 2013 - Women's skiing World Cup

The Meribel resort is in the Savoie region of the Rhone-Alps and is open from 12 August 2012 to 24 April 2013.

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