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Australia: the perfect destination for families

10th May 2013 Print

Australia has always been a great place for families to visit. Your kids will never forget the sights they’ll witness and the things they’ll experience in this truly unique and enthralling country, which boasts the most varied and diverse natural landscapes you’re guaranteed to see in just one trip.

You can beat the organisational blues by searching for Australia holidays with Trailfinders to get you started. After you’ve got some options in front of you, browse through this article for some ideas on what you can treat your family to while you’re there.

Lucky Bay

If you’re not one for jet-setting around the country from hotel to hotel, and you’d much prefer a relaxed approach to having fun, Lucky Bay might be just the place for you and your loved ones. The bay is located on the south coast of Western Australia, proudly boasting white, sandy beaches and lush, warm, clear waters.

Your kids will also be able to spot loads of wildlife, as the Cape le Grand National Park is very close by. Because this area is relatively uninhabited and free of tourist hordes, the kangaroos aren’t overly shy, so you may see a few hanging around on the beach. It’s ideal for families, as there’s a caravan and camping ground where you can pitch up overnight.

Lord Howe Island

This is another great locale if you’re looking to avoid the crowds. Although the authorities forbid camping in the wilderness, there are still loads and loads of fun, family-related activities to participate in.

After you’re done gawking at the stunning volcanic peak, the gorgeous lagoons and unspoiled beaches, you can get involved in snorkelling, scuba diving, windsurfing, kite surfing and much, much more. The government only allows 400 people on the island at any given time, so you won’t have your holiday mood hampered by crowds of tourists.

Mount Hotham

Of course, a visit to Australia doesn’t necessarily have to be restricted to sunny beaches and rainforests, and for those wanting such diversity on their trip, your best bet is to book through Trailfinders, who’ll send you to get your ski on in Australia at Mount Hotham, where you can hit the Aussie slopes with your family.

The Hotham Alpine Resort is where most people go to stay during their ski trip. The vistas are simply stunning, and will be seared onto your memory forever. The area is accessible through Mount Hotham Airport.


If you’re going to be vacationing for an extended period of time and you’re looking for something relaxed but quirky to go and see for a day, you should consider paying a visit to Menzies, one of the old gold rush towns of Australia.

With a tiny, friendly population of about 400 people, the town is now famous for its stick-figure statues designed and built by artist Antony Gormley.