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Travel in Melbourne - Locations

12th November 2020 Print

Melbourne is the capital of the federal state of Victoria in Australia and is located on the River Yarra near its mouth in the Gulf of Phillip Harbor. The urban agglomeration stretches for 70 km from north to south and 50 km from east to west. John Pascoe Fawkner of Tasmania, and named after the then British Prime Minister, Lord Melbourne. Melbourne is a Catholic and Anglican archdiocese, home to the oil and car industry.

Melbourne is the capital of Victoria. Also, it is the second-largest city in Australia. Although not the most famous tourist destination in Australia, Melbourne is a modern, multicultural and vibrant center with a very high standard of living, offering various attractions and activities all year round.

Now let me introduce you to some of the locations you can visit in Melbourne.


If Sovereign Hill is all you know about Ballarat, it's time to visit this historic city of the gold rush. From art galleries to winning dining destinations, this historic regional city is full of fun activities, especially in the colder months. Try to plan your trip around the Ballarat Winter Festival in July. The city comes alive with culinary and wine events, concerts and shows, an ice rink, weird ghost tours, and a Winter Wonderlights screening art festival at Sovereign Hill. The best part? VLine trains from Ballarat to Melbourne run at about one hour and take less than driving.

Have a coffee and walk on Sturt Street to the Ballarat Art Gallery. One of the oldest and largest regional art galleries, the space boasts a huge collection of Australian art as well as year-round exhibitions. A highlight is the Ballarat International Photo Biennale, a one-month exhibition featuring workshops, screenings, portfolio reviews, discussions, and social events.

Crown Towers

Crown Towers is a hotel skyscraper located in the Southbank area of Melbourne, Australia. Built-in 1997, the hotel is one of three hotels in Crown Casino and Entertainment Complex, the others being: Crown Promenade and Crown Metropol. Situated on the banks of the Yarra River, it overlooks the city center, Kings Domain, Port Phillip, and Docklands.

Proposals for a Crown hotel to join the casino date back to 1994, when the Crown casino was located in a temporary location on the north bank of the Yarra River. Designed by Daryl Jackson and Hudson Conway, the Crown Towers Hotel was completed in 1997 in Southbank, alongside the new casino complex. The 5-star hotel opened on May 8, 1997, although late. With 482 hotel rooms, on 43 levels, Crown Towers has a height of 152.5 meters, making it the tallest hotel building in Australia. The hotel is the first skyscraper built on the Southbank grounds in Melbourne, where some of the tallest buildings in the city are now located.

Great Ocean Road

It is a Victorian icon for a reason, this part of the wind meanders along the southwest coast of the state, starting at Torquay and ending just before Warrnambool. It's a four-hour non-stop trip, but keep in mind our warning: you'll definitely want to stop. Too much happens along the coast, especially for those who like nature and native Australian animals.

Great Ocean Road passes just beyond the cold, temperate rainforest of Great Otway National Park, which means you are close to some of the best native flowers and wildlife in the country. Getting close to the animals in their natural habitat, the Koalas in the Wild tour is great to discover eucalyptus-loving friends. If you can bear to wake up early, the gaze of the sunrise on the Twelve Apostles is worth the effort.

These would be the most visited locations in Melbourne and in turn among the most spectacular!

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