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Why you need fibre optic broadband in 2013

19th July 2013 Print

Unless you use your internet connection purely for e-mails and other activities that do not require a lot of bandwidth, you could definitely do with a high-speed broadband upgrade.

Unlike most broadband connections that use telephone lines or mobile networks, fibre-optic broadband works differently, transferring the signal along fibre-optic cables under the ground and reaching speeds of up to 120MB.

Why you should switch

Everyone still remembers the big furore over the disparity between advertised speeds and actual internet speeds when DSL broadband was first advertised. The truth was that DSL broadband customers had to endure speeds of less than 2MB/sec if they lived less than four kilometres away from the telephone exchange.

With fibre-optic broadband, there is no such disparity. The fibre-optic cable delivers data over great distances with no hitch at all. The data transfer is considerably faster than DSL, not to mention the amount being transferred.

Unlimited internet

Research conducted by Ofcom states that Virgin Media delivers 96 per cent of the advertised fibre-optic speed, which a far sight better than what DSL Broadband had to offer. Fibre-optic internet is so strong and speedy that even when your whole family is online using the internet simultaneously, you won’t find any dips in the speed.

This means that you won’t have interruptions to your connection speed while someone’s streaming a high-definition film online, or if someone else is trying to download music. Say goodbye to that eternally frustrating spinning wheel of death!

A faster future

Some providers are currently estimating that they will be able to deliver speeds of up to 300MB per second by the end of this year. Once you realise what a colossal leap in speed this is, you’ll understand how websites and the kind of content they offer will change.

They will be able to provide far more downloadable content once fibre-optic broadband has been rolled out to the rest of the country. You’ll be able to access a massive amount of information without any hitches whatsoever.

For your business needs

If you run a business, getting fibre-optic broadband is more or less essential if you want to keep up with the rest of the country. Having ‘future-proof’ digital capacity for your business will ensure you’re not left behind in the dust.

The expansion of cloud computing, which requires high speed, is something you will want to keep your eye on as a business owner. Videoconferencing is going to be far more seamless under the new speeds, too.