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Cosmetic tattooing can, quite literally, change your life

18th September 2013 Print
Make up

A great pair of eyebrows is being heralded as the latest way to lift your face without the need for surgery. With Semi Permanent Makeup the possibilities are endless. Eyebrows can be created with fine hair line strokes in great natural looking shapes to enhance your original brows, fill in patchy eyebrows or just create a brand new look. You choose the shape, colour and look that you want to achieve and when you are happy semi permanent makeup will make sure that it stays in place for the next 2-3 years.

Annida is a Finishing Touches trained Semi Permanent Makeup Technician who works closely with her clients to ensure that they are happy with their new look. Plenty of people overplucked their eyebrows when they were younger and are now looking to get them replaced, others are just looking for a new look or maybe they want darker denser brows. Whatever it is semi permanent makeup is the perfect technique.

And it's not only eyebrows that it can change, another common procedure is eyeliner. These days most women apply eyeliner every day but by the end of the day it starts to blur and can all but disappear. With semi permanent makeup there's no need to worry any more, there's a huge range of coloured pigments available and it looks great every day. And let's not forget lipliner and blush too. How many times have you painstakingly applied lipstick before you leave only to find that an hour later there's no evidence of it at all. As you get older the pigment of the lips fades so with this treatment your youthful blush can be restored. The colour of your lip is matched to your complexion and the results are lip transforming.

All appointments include a full consultation on your first visit to ensure that this is the right treatment for you. An anaesthetic is always used on the area before treatment commences and also during the procedure to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible. A top-up treatment is included 4-8 weeks after your first treatment to ensure that everything is perfect. Also, once Annida has done your procedure you are entitled to half price top ups for life to make sure that your makeup stays perfect over the years.

Visit to see a full price list and samples of these amazing treatments.
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