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Bundles make good financial sense

19th December 2013 Print

We all like ways of cutting back on spending, yet many of us are missing out on making significant savings simply by taking time to look at what we spend on those regular household bills. The reason that we are so complacent about them is that, for the most part, they’re paid by direct debit and you don’t really ever stop to think about what potential savings are out there. We might stand in the supermarket weighing up whether to buy branded products or the supermarket’s own version of certain goods to save a few pennies, but in the meantime we might be spending significantly more than we need to on our utilities, telecommunications and insurance.

In order to avoid doing this, it’s worth looking at what deals are out there next time your contracts are up for renewal. This is easy to do now that there are so many comparison websites. Whatever service you’re looking at, all you need to do is tap in your details once and you’ll get results that include a number of different providers.

The amount you pay for phone, internet and TV can be significantly cheaper if you choose to get all of these services from one provider in a bundle rather than as separate products. Bundles come in different shapes and sizes – check out the options available at If your household is on the internet a lot, using it to stream movies and download music, then you’ll want a bundle that includes unlimited download and a high speed connection. But if you’re only a light internet user, there’s no point in paying for a bigger package than you need. Most companies will give the option of customising a bundle to suit you. International calls might be something you can’t live without or wouldn’t get any use out of, for example, and if you’re not a fan of watching TV, there’s little use in paying for the full selection of channels.

It may be that you’re not interested in having a home phone included in a bundle – at Verizon, there are internet, TV and digital voice bundles and those that just cover internet and TV. A little bit of time spent on researching the different options could save you hundreds on an annual basis.

Once you’ve tried the bundle approach with your telecoms, you can look at doing the same with electricity and gas. Thanks to deregulation, many companies now offer consumers the possibility of having both electricity and gas supplied by the same company, and these utility bundles usually are at a discounted price to that for separate supplies.

Insurance, too, can be bundled, and you can save by putting all your insurance policies with one company. It makes sense on an administrative as well as financial basis – fewer bills to file and keep organised, and fewer direct debits going out of your account.

By reviewing household bills you could reduce your household expenditure significantly. It only takes a few minutes to check out the different options online, so it’s well worth your time to do so.