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Retire to Spain and enjoy a longer life plus a 5% cash discount!

1st December 2014 Print
Cala Magrana III

The Foreign Office estimates that some 800,000 Brits live in Spain for all or part of each year. The number of those residing permanently is uncertain but best estimates put the figure as being somewhere between 250,000 and 400,000 people.

Spain’s attractions as a retirement destination are clear for all to see, as Marc Pritchard, Sales and Marketing Director of leading Spanish homebuilder Taylor Wimpey Espana, observes,

“The Spanish lifestyle is hugely appealing to those who have lived and worked all their lives in the UK. The warmth of the Spanish sun, the beautiful beaches and the laidback way of life are a world away from the prospect of retirement in the UK.

“The low cost of living in Spain is also a draw. Quite simply, retirees can get more for their money here in Spain as their pensions stretch further. From food to property, pensioners can take advantage of lower prices in order to indulge in a level of luxury that retirement in the UK would preclude.”

Spain’s proximity to the UK also makes it a popular destination for those looking to enjoy their retirement in the sunshine. Short flight times and cheap fares make it easy for family members to visit, meaning that retirees don’t need to feel isolated from their loved ones just because they have moved overseas.

Those retiring to Spain can even enjoy increased life expectancy, with World Health Organization data showing life expectancy in Spain as 82 years, as opposed to 81 in the United Kingdom.

The global economic downturn briefly impacted on Spain’s popularity as a retirement destination for Brits, but the latest MGM Advantage survey has shown that the Iberian country has regained the top spot, with 13% of the 2,000 Britons who were polled voting for sunny Spain as their retirement destination of choice.

It’s not just mainland Spain that is proving such an attractive destination for pensioners, but also the Spanish islands. Mallorca, where retirees can pick up stunning key-ready properties at Taylor Wimpey Espana’s Cala Magrana III development from just €230,000, is. With communal pool and lush gardens, the site offers buyers contemporary accommodation with easy access to both the beach and Mallorca’s excellent golfing facilities.

As a special offer, Taylor Wimpey Espana will apply a 5% cash discount to any buyer who completes their purchase at Cala Magrana III before 31 December 2014, giving those who dream of picking up the ultimate overseas retirement property this side of Christmas an added incentive.

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Cala Magrana III