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deVere Mortgages is launched due to soaring expat demand

30th January 2015 Print

deVere United Kingdom has initiated its long-anticipated drive further into the UK mortgage market by unveiling a new, standalone brand.

deVere Mortgages, which is launched by FCA-regulated deVere United Kingdom, part of deVere Group, one of the world’s largest independent financial advisory organisations, has been set-up to meet rising demand from overseas-based clients.

Mitch Hopkinson of deVere United Kingdom will oversee the deVere Mortgages team that will be led by financial services experts, including David Eggison, Lee Adams and Martin Grundy – all of whom have a minimum of 20 years’ experience of personally helping clients.

Speaking of the launch, Mr Hopkinson observes: “After identifying consistently increasing demand for our independent, whole of the market mortgage advice and protection services, the decision was taken to establish deVere Mortgages, an independently-run division of deVere United Kingdom. 

“This new proposition, which is backed by the significant resources of a robust and responsible organisation and managed by a team of senior industry professionals, will enable us to better serve our existing and potential clients and further extend our already broad scope of mortgage offerings.”

He continues: “Despite recent reports of a cooling UK housing market, deVere has registered a month-on-month rise in mortgage enquiries over the last year.  And we forecast this upward trend to continue and increase further.

“As part of a truly global organisation which has 80,000 mainly expatriate clients, this skyrocketing demand for our mortgage advice is fuelled primarily from people living overseas or returning British expats who, because they live and work abroad, would typically be branded as ‘high risk’ by UK lenders.”

Mr Hopkinson adds: “We believe other possible contributing factors in this soaring demand for our independent mortgage advice from expats include the tougher rules for securing mortgages, rising house prices, the possibility of rising interest rates, plus the uncertainty prompted by the general election and global economic growth concerns.

“All these factors create a more challenging mortgage environment, and it would seem that expatriates seeking to secure a home loan in Britain are now increasingly aware of the need to seek highly specialist mortgage advice from industry experts who have established relationships with the relevant lenders.”

deVere obtained a mortgage agreement for 95 per cent of its expatriate clients who applied in 2014.

Now with its standalone deVere Mortgages brand, deVere says it plans to increase the volume of mortgage business by up to 300 per cent in 2015.

deVere Mortgages, which works with more than 200 UK and international lenders, can assist UK residents and overseas clients with the purchase and refinance of their UK home with a variety of mortgages. In addition to this, deVere Mortgages also specialises in buy-to-let opportunities, equity release, re-mortgaging overseas properties and tax optimisation from rental income.