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Australian luxury travel - The best hotels for deep pockets

26th January 2016 Print
One & Only Hayman Island - Great Barrier Reed (Queensland)

Australia is geographically the most inhospitable continent on Earth, if we discount Antarctica. Scorching deserts and some of deadliest creatures dwell within its borders, and it is quite far away no matter where you live. With that being said, Australia is also home to natural and manmade wonders that are utterly unique and a must see on your bucket list. If you are yearning for a grand adventure that is also a vacation filled with luxury and exclusive service and resorts, Australia has plenty to offer. Thanks to its natural borders that are off the coast of some of the world's most beautiful beaches, not to mention to forest reservations and hitchhiking activities, you will be enthralled just how beautiful Australia's wonder can be. Of course, these destinations do not come cheap - we are talking about the crème de la crème after all, so you ought to be packing some series buck power in order to be able to arrange a visit in the following hotels and resorts.  

One & Only Hayman Island - Great Barrier Reed (Queensland)

One & Only Hayman Island

The words "private island resort' are the first indicator of the exclusiveness that are embodied within the One & Only Hayman Island. Set inside the lush and lustrous heart of Australia's Great Barrier Reef, this resort has been listed amongst the most prestigious and luxury hotels in the world. Thanks to its incredible design and look that sits perfectly with the surrounding natural beauty, the resort offers fully furnished villas, penthouses and suites. The amazing layout of the resort is only enriched with the inclusion of various restaurants, entertainment centers and family activities which are considered some of the best Australia has to offer.   

Saffire Freycinet (Tasmania)

If you love the forest and the natural closeness of the coastal waters, than the Saffire Freycinet hotel in Tasmania is the perfect little location to visit. It is a truly remarkable place which exists with harmony with the surrounding environment. Thanks to the very low number of available rooms, the price for staying at the hotel is extremely high yet it will bring you some incredible sights- from the organically constructed roofs of the buildings from curved Tasmanian wood, up to the mountain bike rides, watching the sunset on the private white sand beach and more.  

Capella Lodge (Lord Howe Island)

Capella Lodge (Lord Howe Island)

A sight like no other, Capella Lodge hotel located at Lord Howe Island, atop the romantic Lovers Bay, and is considered one of the most luxurious lodges in the world. You get the whole package here - a breathtaking view of the ocean, the crystal clear waters, the incredible design of the suites... This is arguably one of the most desirable places on Earth where you can just sit back, watch the sunrise with a margarita in your hand, while the sea breeze flows over the untouched nature that surrounds you. The luxurious exterior is also present inside, with king size beds, amazing furnishings and decorations as well as a whole host of relaxation parlors. 

Southern Ocean Lodge (Kangaroo Island)

Animal lovers and adventurers can get up close and personal to some of the most amazing sea and land creatures Australia has to offer. Located at the very edge of Australia's Galapagos, the Southern Ocean Lodge in Kangaroo Island is the perfect eco-heaven for people who appreciate nature and all its wonders. Apart from the incredibly sophisticated suites and service, you will have the luxury to spend time with the island's natural habitants like sea lions, koalas and of course, kangaroos. 

Park Hyatt Sydney (New South Wales)

Park Hyatt Sydney (New South Wales)

With a view of one of the most recognizable buildings in the world - the Sydney Opera House, the Park Hyatt hotel in Sydney is home to some of the most sophisticated and native-rich architecture Australia has to offer. With an exclusive entrance to the harbor as well as a fully fledged offering of over the top offerings like an outdoors rooftop swimming pool and an amazing restaurant, this hotel is easily considered a favorite pick by many celebrities for its quiet atmosphere and serenity it inspires. If you are in the need for some quality entertainment, you can check out the casino reviews at to find out what is available for a great casino play in Australia.

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One & Only Hayman Island - Great Barrier Reed (Queensland) Capella Lodge (Lord Howe Island) Park Hyatt Sydney (New South Wales)