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New interactive timeline reveals the daily routines of the geniuses of the online world

7th September 2017 Print

A new interactive timeline featuring some of the internet’s most successful personalities has revealed what kind of routine it takes to become one of the most influential characters in the digital realm.

The timeline created by online hosting providers UK2, takes an in depth look at 10 online influencers from a variety of different backgrounds, each one amassing a large following and a successful career.

The timeline breaks down the average day of each influencer and reveals how they spend their 24 hours. It also reveals a variety of interesting information that could reveal an insight into the secrets of their success.

For example,

- Steven Bartlett, CEO of social media agency Social Chain regularly lives off just three hours sleep a night. He once snatched a few hours on a bench in London before a business meeting.

- Fitness guru, Joe Wicks has managed to combine his day job with his love for working out and healthy eating. On average he spends 16 hours a day on these activities, plenty of time to perfect his workout regimes and recipes.

- Vlogging superstar Casey Neistat creates a daily video round up of his life, which means he’s often up until the early hours of the morning editing his latest vlog in order for it be completed on time. This process can take up to 3 hours a day!

- Gaming personality, The Syndicate Project, shows that it’s possible to have a successful career and have plenty of time to enjoy yourself as well. Aside from his streaming and editing duties, he has on average 10 hours a day to enjoy down time doing activities such as bowling and rock climbing.

Sara Rego, General Manager of UK2 has commented on the interactive timeline…

“Our timeline shows that every successful online personality has a different routine of ensuring they get through their daily workload successfully.

It’s clear that the key to optimising your time is to combine your working life with what you love to do. Many of the personalities we researched have made a career out of their passions. This means they’re able to spend the majority of their day enjoying themselves, and making money from it too!

As Steve Jobs said, "Love what you do and you will never work a day in your life"

You can take a look at the interactive piece here -