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How ‘poorer’ millionaires can join the jet set

25th September 2017 Print

For those self-made millionaires who want to show off the fruits of their labour, even some more modest luxuries are proving to be expensive. The cost of housing has spiralled upwards in recent years, with even a modest flat in parts of Central London costing north of a million pounds. Cars are not exactly cheap either, but smaller tokens of wealth may seem wasteful.

A gold Rolex watch will set you back over £25,000. It looks impressive, but would that money be better spent on something more memorable? Poorer millionaires who live comfortably but don’t have enough for everything they desire could look to the skies to get their fix of luxury. Flying first class every time is a given for millionaires, but there is another way.

Up, Up and Away

Millionaires at the lower end of the wealth scale may find that using a private jet for their next big business trip or holiday is to their liking. For sports teams, politicians and celebrities, flying on a private jet is the preferred mode of transport for a big meeting, game or film premiere. As an example, US President Donald Trump has his own converted $100m converted Boeing 757.

Passengers on private jets can take advantage of the extra legroom and customisable service on-board. They can also accommodate whoever they want for each journey. For example, if there is a big business trip, an entire team could go on the same flight, all without worrying about the aircraft being late to arrive at the terminal.

Anyone who wants to fly privately has two options - buy a jet or hire one. Hiring is the cheaper option and can be really good value if the passenger chooses an ‘empty-leg’ flight from VistaJet. This is where a flight is empty on its return journey, coming with all the trappings of a private fight - comfy seats, WiFi and plenty of legroom.

Exploring New Horizons

In flying a private jet, ‘poorer’ millionaires can explore the world at their leisure without seeing their fortunes dwindle. All they need to do is have a destination in mind, find a pilot and hire a plane that fits their needs. They also need to find an airport which is accommodating of private jets - some have terminals set aside for private aircraft.

Flying a private jet is, in many ways, the ultimate status symbol. Choosing the destination and the level of service will make for a great experience, making for a great start to a holiday or big business trip.