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X1 Chatham Waters offers luxury apartments for property investment in South East London

29th November 2017 Print

Contrary to how it may appear from the number of people in it, there are actually many people who don’t want to live in London but who do want (or often need) easy and convenient access to it for work and/or play. Kent has long been a destination of choice for people in this situation and Chatham’s position at the heart of the Medway towns has seen it become a focal point for residential development, offering an attractive combination of work and play opportunities for people who want respite from the hustle and bustle of London. X1 Chatham Waters will provide a total of 199, one, two and three bedroom apartments to address this growing need.

Affordability, quality and convenience in a key commuter area

At X1 Chatham Waters, prices start at just £175K for a one bed apartment, which will be music to the ears of anyone familiar with London property prices. Even the three bedroom apartments are a very reasonable £295K. While prices are suited to more modest budgets, the quality of the apartments will please even the most demanding customers - as will the waterfront views.

There is already a wide range of facilities and amenities and the area is benefiting from substantial redevelopment meaning that investors can expect to benefit from capital appreciation; house prices in Chatham have risen 33% since 2014. There is a particular need for rental accommodation within reasonable commuting distance of London and it is expected that X1 Chatham Waters will go some way to satisfying this.

Outstanding transport links to London and beyond

With an average journey time of 45 minutes, residents of Chatham can be in London in less time than it takes some Tube users to cross from one side of the city to the other. The frequency is almost as good as the Tube since there is currently a total of 7 trains an hour (of which three go to Victoria, two to Charing Cross and two are high speed to St Pancras International).

In the opposite direction, the trains from Victoria continue on to Dover, making for easy access to the continent. There is also an effective and well-maintained road network and an excellent local bus service, including an express bus to the Bluewater Shopping Centre in Greenhithe.

Superb potential for investors

Investors can secure their choice of these stunning property investment in London with just a 10% deposit and 50% of the furniture fee. A further 25% of the purchase price plus the balance of the furniture fee should be paid within 6 months of exchange and then the remaining 65% of the purchase price is only payable upon completion.

Investors are recommended to act promptly as the combination of affordability, outstanding waterfront location and reliable commuter links to London and beyond is sure to generate a lot of interest, all the more so given that Chatham has already demonstrated a solid track record of house-price appreciation with the promise of much more to come in the future. 

For more information on X1 Chatham Waters or to browse a selection of buy-to-let property for sale, please contact Hopwood House.