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How to tap into the social media marketing explosion

27th March 2018 Print

Everywhere you turn, you hear about the awesome power of social media marketing and there is a ring of truth to that. Today’s consumer spends literally hours a week, if not daily, on their favourite social sites connecting with friends and oddly, finding the day’s news. Believe it or not, social media has become one of the most popular news outlets in the world! If you are trying to market your small business to reach a much larger audience, these SEO Coventry gurus who have reached a global audience for scores of local companies have some tips to offer.

Embrace Market Influencers

While volumes could be written on the importance of market influencers, they are your best shot at social media marketing. These are the movers and shakers within your audience, the people others listen to, and more importantly, believe. If you want to grow outside your current boundaries, target market influencers within your niche. Once they begin following you, watch your audience grow exponentially.

Use Data-Driven Social Media Strategies

If there is one thing most companies cringe at, it would be crunching numbers. Businesses already do that on a daily basis within their company and now they are being asked to do it again in their social media marketing strategies. Unfortunately, if you want to keep engagement strong within your social platform, you need to work with numbers. 

Who is reading what and when? The good news is that you are not alone on your data crunching quest. Those very same SEO Coventry gurus who have captured global audiences with social media marketing strategies can help you collect and work with social trends based on the data they collect. Which leads us to the next important aspect of tapping into social media marketing.

The Importance of Keeping the Dialogue Open

Social media marketing is not a one hit wonder. It is something that needs continual monitoring for activity. Let’s look for just a moment at all the press the United States president is getting over his continued Tweets. Do you think for one moment that he has the time to Tweet his day away? He probably has a staff of writers who are at his side posting his comments as he blurts them out whilst signing documents and conversing with key aids. 

However, the point is made. It is of vital importance to keep those posts coming regularly. The right market influencers can help you with that, but you’ll need someone on the job every day, almost all day long. Most small businesses can’t afford to employ someone to spend their day on social media and that’s why it pays to contract a social media marketing firm. 

Never Before…

Never before in history has there been one single place where you could find an entire audience in one location. Yes, they may all be on the internet, but where? There are relatively few social sites where you’ll find your target audience and if you can tap into Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, you’ll have a ready-made audience just waiting to hear what you have to say. Just remember to keep the words coming and you’ll keep them engaged and following you. The company that doesn’t embrace social media marketing is foolish, indeed.