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Treetop Hotel and Spa Port Talbot offers unique hotel property investment opportunities

27th November 2018 Print

Between the arrival of the railways in the early 19th century and the arrival of mass air transportation in the late 19th century, the UK had extensive internal tourism and although the attraction of affordable flights to warmer destinations overseas saw it diminish significantly, it never went away and now it is very definitely back as increasing numbers of UK residents opt to avoid the stress and hassle of air travel (or, more specifically airports) and instead treat themselves to a relaxing holiday in the UK. Hopwood House is eager to help encourage this trend, which offers significant benefits from the point of view of sustainability.

Treetop Hotel and Spa - a sensitive and respectful development in beautiful South Wales

Wales has long been popular as a holiday destination and South Wales in particular offers some excellent locations for those seeking to recharge their mental and physical batteries surrounded by the beauty of nature. Treetop Hotel and Spa is situated in the stunning Afan Valley and will form part of the Afan Valley Adventure Resort. As its name suggests, this development is currently very much focused on high-energy but environmentally-friendly outdoor activities and possibly its most famous attraction is the celebrated adventurer Bear Grylls who has a Survival Academy and Centre of Excellence there. It’s also the base for his instructor academy.

There may be a number of people who will be happy to divide their time between energetic outdoor activities and relaxing in the tranquility of Treetops Hotel and Spa as well as people who are primarily interested in the health and wellness benefits of a spa holiday and who will prefer to spend their time outdoors at a more tranquil pace. In short, Treetops Hotel and Spa will be very complementary to the current facilities and will prove a valuable and highly welcome addition to them.

Solid returns for investors as well as for the environment

With an estimated completion date of 2021, Treetop Hotel and Spa will comprise a total of just 500 bespoke lodges in four individual styles, which have been created to reflect the diversity of the local area. These have been named Alpine, Forest, Trails and Xtreme.

Accommodation at this premium hotel room investment will comprise a combination of double and twin rooms and suites with the former being available at prices starting from just £100,000 and the latter being available at prices starting from only £180,000. In either case investors are guaranteed 10% net rental for 10 years and have the benefit of a developer-led buy-back option.

This rental period is guaranteed and understandably, there has already been high demand for these desirable units and so interested parties are encouraged to contact Hopwood House as quickly as possible.