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The best time to post on Instagram in 2020

30th October 2020 Print

Instagram’s popularity is growing. This social networking platform is used by over 3.5 billion people. This platform has experienced tremendous growth over recent years. Currently, it’s among the media that firms are using to convey messages to their target prospects. It’s among the most preferred social networks with a likelihood of outshining the others. 

It’s, therefore, not surprising that some brands are even ready to buy Instagram followers to enhance their reach and popularity. When a brand has more followers, it is considered an authority in its niche. It’s also considered more credible. Thus, more people will be interested in following a brand with more Instagram followers. They will also consider its opinions on industry-related issues when making their buying decisions. 

As such, more brands are attempting to establish a presence on the platform. And, this calls for the formulation and implementation of an Instagram marketing strategy. A crucial aspect of this marketing strategy is timing. Essentially, it’s crucial to know when to publish your content and get more engagements. 

Is There a Best Time to Post on Instagram? 

To answer this question, it’s crucial to comprehend how Instagram algorithms work. The Instagram ranking is based on algorithms that favor recent content. This determines which posts appear in every user’s feed. Although this might not be strictly chronological, it shows fresh content to the users. That’s the content that users will be happy to engage with. As such, this social network displays newer posts first in every user’s feed regardless of the refreshed number of times. 

Therefore, for a brand to grow its presence in this social network, it needs to publish posts more often. That means publishing content when most users are actively surfing the network. But, when do you publish content so that more followers can see it? 

How to Know the Best Time to Post on Instagram 

One way to identify the most appropriate publication time is by studying the account’s analytics more keenly. Also, study your competitors’ accounts to know the schedule that works for them. That’s crucial when focused on growing a brand’s presence on the platform. 

And, working with a benchmarking tool to analyze the leading Instagram accounts within your industry is an effective approach. This will enable you to determine when they publish content. It will also let you identify the posts that receive more viewership and engagements with their audiences. 

But, timing is just a single aspect that might help in the growth of a brand’s presence on this platform. Creation of quality content and its optimization so that it can do well on this platform is equally important. Therefore, invest more energy and time in the creation of quality content. 

Also, don’t assume you should only post at instances that are best for your company or brand. You can post even at other times if possible. An effective strategy allows a room for testing and experimenting. The audience that your brand targets is unique. Also, what works for another brand will not necessarily work for yours. Therefore, study your account’s analytics while analyzing those of your industry competitors. That way, you identify the most appropriate time to share content on the platform. 

Most Popular Posts on Instagram and the Time They Were Posted 

There are different categories of Instagram content that can be considered popular. These are the categories of posts that brands should be focusing on. 

They include: 

- Practical ideas: Posts that provide practical ideas are popular on Instagram. An example is this post by a beauty and fashion store. 

- Inspiring and motivational posts: Instagram is not just about product images. People also spread motivational messages via the platform. And, posts that motivate or inspire people are also popular on Instagram. 

- Posts that promote worthy causes: Posts that promote and empower good causes like philanthropic initiatives are also very popular. 

- Posts that allow users to shop: Posts that showcase the best merchandise while allowing followers to purchase them directly from an app are also very popular. Their effectiveness can be enhanced by providing giveaways. 

- Admirable photos: Posts that feature the role models that are admired by brand followers are also very popular. These are the people that most followers are always talking about. Nike posts are popular on Instagram because this brand includes the images of famous athletes that followers are always talking about. 

Different categories of content reach more targets depending on the publication time. But, the ideal moments to publish on Instagram is generally from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday to Friday. The engagement levels reduce every day after 9 p.m. and before 6 a.m.  

Why Schedule Instagram Posts? 

Scheduling Instagram posts enables you to reduce the time you spend on this platform. This will enable you to focus on more important things like growing your business. Maybe you head a multinational team. You could also be a solo entrepreneur. Nevertheless, using a scheduling tool should be one of your priorities. 

Proper scheduling enables you to maintain consistency while publishing high-quality content. It makes planning your content creation easier and you share content when more people are likely to be surfing the app. But, everybody has a unique Instagram strategy. Therefore, plan scheduling based on the dynamics of your business. 

Factors to Consider when Choosing Instagram Posting Time 

Studying the key ranking factors is a great way to identify the most appropriate moments to share anything on Instagram. Here are the three major factors that should guide your posting time. 

- Interest: Instagram ranks the posts that its users might be interested in better. Therefore, publish content that interests the audience to interact with at any given time. 

- Timeliness: As hinted, Instagram algorithms favor recent content. Thus, if you post more often, your most recent posts will get more engagements. Therefore, publish content when chances of having more audiences online is higher. That way, they will see your content since it will be more recent. 

- Relationship: Instagram tends to show its users content from the accounts that they interact with at any given time. That’s why tagging your friends in your posts can boost their ranking. And, you need to do this when your friends are also highly likely to be active on this network. 

The Bottom Line

No two brands are the same. But, you need more engaged followers to establish your desired presence on Instagram. That’s why knowing when your target audience is more likely to be surfing this photo-sharing app is important. This knowledge enables you to ensure that the content you share reaches and engages more followers.