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The complete and comprehensive guide about the concept of online proctoring

29th December 2020 Print

In the current global scenario where everything is being hit by the coronavirus pandemic, the online proctoring is the only thing which is very much successful in the whole world and provides the organisations as well as candidates with multiple advantages throughout the process. This particular field has gained a lot of significance because of the top-notch features and benefits provided by it. The increasing importance of online programs across the globe makes sure that this particular system is very effectively implemented and is quite successful.

The proctoring test system can be defined as the whole competency-based way of conducting the examinations with a higher level of authentication throughout the process and the candidates will be prevented from cheating related problems very easily because the proctor will be observing everything throughout the test. The proctor can be termed as the person who will be considered as the virtual invigilator of the examination and will be observing everything from the WebCam and mike at a location which is far away from the candidate.

The remote proctoring concept will very well enable the students to appear in the examinations from any of the remote locations and helps in removing the geographical constraints from the whole process. It is very much successful in maintaining the integrity of the test and all the students should also go with the option of confirming the identity so that monitoring of the behaviour can be perfectly done add in the cases of unethical behaviour is a suspected then the flags can be easily raised by the proctor which will make sure that there is a higher level of integrity and authentication in the process. 

This particular system is very much prevalent for many years with the help of different formats and the most common type is considered to be the objective one. But with the advancements in technology, the subjective assessments are also very easily available with the help of remote and online proctoring which will very well help in making sure that learning abilities and behavioural profile of the candidates are understood by the organisations very easily.

The online examination proctoring includes the candidate who will be very well monitored throughout the process typically with the help of mike and Web camera because the proctor will be having proper access to a screen.

Following is the complete bifurcation of the concept of procuring:

- Live online proctoring: This particular system includes the monitoring of the candidates by the proctor with the help of audio-video and screen sharing systems in actual and real-time. With the help of these kinds of systems people sitting in a remote location can very easily appear in the examinations with the help of a higher level of integrity and authentication. The proctor can very easily conduct this particular examination with the help of more than 25 candidates at a particular point of time because the location constraint will be removed very easily. Hence, there will be no human involvement at the time of setting up the examinations which will remove the bias element at the time of preparing the results. Hence, this particular concept is very much scalable and is quite expensive which means that it can be easily implemented by the organisations and universities to make sure that their operations are streamlined and administrative burdens are reduced.

- The recorded proctoring: Under this particular system none of the proctors will be observing the candidates in real-time but everything will be recorded with the help of camera and Mike and the proctor will be making sure that audio-video and screen share feeds are available to him or her because he or she will be playing the whole recording in a fast forward way to make sure that there is no suspicious activity throughout the process. This particular system also is very much successful in eliminating the scheduling as well as location constraints from the whole process but this particular system comes with a single disadvantage which means that humans are required at the time of conducting the reviews because of which this is not very much scalable.

– The advanced level automated proctoring: Under this particular system the audiovisual screen share feeds will be provided to the proctor and the candidates will be recorded throughout the process. In addition to recording this particular system also provides proper monitoring of the feeds in cases of suspicious activity because it is based upon utilisation of the advanced level video analytics-based systems. It will also ensure that candidate will be completely focusing on the test screen at the time of appearing in the test and it is also very much successful in detecting the background noises to raise the red flag in the whole process. Facial recognition technology is very well utilised in this particular system to further improve the authentication and integrate the levels.

Following are some of the factors which are the great reasons behind the boost of this particular concept of online proctoring:

- There has been a great demand of the online courses in the world of e-learning which gives a great boost to the whole concept of following proctoring because candidates are very well preferring this concept as everything is in their favour.

- It includes the elimination of the several kinds of cost element associated with the whole process which further makes this process very much favourable for the universities because it is based upon reducing the administrative burden very well.

- This particular system helps in saving a lot of time and money of the learners as well as universities which are conducting the examinations.

- There is no need for any kind of infrastructure in the whole process that further makes it very much cost-friendly as well as user-friendly.

- Conducting these kinds of examinations is very easy in the form of simplicity and flexibility. It also helps in making sure that there will be a higher level of alignment with the learning and assessments so that organisational needs are fulfilled very easily.

Hence, in proper regard to the current scenario of the world, the online proctoring concept is very much successful and is widely accepted by all the organisations and universities.