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Factors to look out for when making animation video making decisions

17th March 2021 Print

Often times, a lot of people encounter an impasse in decision making processes especially when there seems to be plenty of fish in the river. With a variety of video production companies offering various services, it could be quite tasking to decipher and in fact, pick out the best from the multitude. Aiming for the best video production company invariably means getting good quality videos. Hence, the fisherman should look out for the perfect blend of creativity, culture and communication before casting his hook. A video fails to achieve its aim if it doesn't captivate the audience and if it fails to communicate the right information to it's targeted population.

An Overview of an Animation Video Production Process

Here's a general overview of the refining process of an animated video


This is the first stage of corporate video production. Here, goals and objectives of the video content are set out. This is usually carried out amongst the in-house production team or with a video production company. 

Pre production

This stage precedes the main production stage and it involves data collection, script development, preparation of equipment, searching for location, preparing the production team and establishing the tone of the video.


Once the pace has been set in the pre production stage, a combination of animated elements(often used) and live footage  is used to bring the video into reality.

Post production

Finishing touches are made as the i's and t's get dotted and crossed respectively. The content is then optimized for various channels.

Your role shouldn't be undermined here because often times, most companies already have a trademarked pattern of animating. Hence, you could always mention an idea and ask the corporate video  company to weave it into their system or build their work around yours. 


It is cogent to note that high quality videos tend to improve your brand name and perception among your customer base even while getting the targeted audience engagement. You do not want to be popular for the wrong reason. Hence, you should consider quality and not quantity while making your videos as high quality videos, compared to low quality videos, are prone to stand the test of time.

A major factor sure to affect video production is funding. Your company's budget basically creates realistic expectations around the quality of your video's content and the production speed of your videos. 

It is unlikely to produce a video without first knowing whom you're trying to pass a message to. It is hence important to know your audience and target their needs, making sure to elucidate on such needs without deviating. This would help you determine the type of videos you would need and how well you'll be able to lure your targeted market into buying your ideas. It is a two way thing; your video should suit your company as well as communicate a message to it's customer persona. You should ask yourself " can my videos bring  your brilliant idea to life and present it to the market in an extraordinary manner?"

To keep tabs on happenings with the production company, you could arrange for meetings for briefings on progress if you like. A mutual understanding of your needs even before the commencement if production process is highly recommended in order to evade conflicts in the long run.

Having seen all of the above, you should look out for a production company that meets these requirements so as to get the best services. Do not forget that a well delivered job would go a long way in your sales and input.