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GPS tracking for enterprise vehicle fleets: What are the benefits?

18th March 2021 Print
GPS Tracking

Do you want to reduce operational expenses and improve productivity for your transportation business? You might want to consider investing in a robust GPS tracking system.

GPS technology has made vast improvements in functionalities over the past few years, providing many advanced features and benefits. From improved driver safety to better customer service—there's more that goes into modern GPS systems than just fleet tracking.

On the management front, fleet owners and dispatch managers get an unprecedented level of access and control to their entire fleet.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

According to a recent Aberdeen's Group study on the effects of GPS fleet tracking, companies see a 25% increase in orders after implementing GPS fleet tracking. Keep reading to discover the full benefits that accrue from investing in a fleet GPS tracking system.

1. Reduce Vehicle Theft

Vehicles are essential and valuable assets to any fleet business. As such, they need to be well maintained and protected from theft.

If your transport vehicles are stolen, your company will not just suffer financial losses; your business reputation will also take a hit. With a GPS fleet tracking system installed, you can locate your lost and stolen vehicles in no time.

Modern GPS fleet tracking systems, like Samsara, even come with advanced geofence features that give you alerts when a vehicle enters or leaves a specified area. With real-time location tracking, you can mitigate theft and reduce incidences of unauthorized use of your fleet.

2. Improve Driver Safety

GPS tracking systems can help to increase driver safety and compliance. 

Thanks to GPS fleet tracking, fleet managers can monitor drivers' behavior in real-time and give a warning or recommend certain actions. They are able to achieve this through the use of telematics devices that can collect real-time data, like extreme driving events. 

Using a vehicle's accelerometer and gyroscope, fleet managers can track acceleration, sudden braking, abrupt turns, and other risky driving habits that often lead to accidents. Moreover, drivers are more likely to stick to safe driving habits if they know they are being monitored.

3. Minimize Fuel Costs

Did you know that the average long-haul truck idles for as many as  8 hours a day? This could add up to thousands of hours of fuel wasted in a year.

By implementing a telematics system that gives you visibility into your fuel usage, you can save up to $6,000 annually since you'll be able to minimize idling and control fuel usage.

Many vehicle telematics systems will provide you with data and reports regarding your fuel usage. Additionally, a good vehicle tracking system will help you effectively plan and optimize routes, which further helps to reduce fuel wastage.

4. Reduce Maintenance Costs

Most GPS tracking systems come equipped with advanced telematics features such as engine health indicators, fuel level indicators, and vehicle diagnostics.

Such features allow fleet managers to monitor key maintenance aspects and stay updated on their vehicles' overall health. Samsara, for instance, helps fleet owners prevent vehicle breakdowns with preventative reminders, over-the-air diagnostics, and fault code alerts.

5. Increase Customer Satisfaction

Real-time fleet GPS tracking can go a long way in enhancing service delivery and making the customer happy. For instance, a logistics company that leverages GPS fleet tracking can provide its customers with real-time delivery updates and accurate ETAs for their shipments.

Not only does this help customers know their shipments' location in real-time, but it can also notify them when their shipments have been delivered. This way, customers can plan their days better as they won't have to worry about missed deliveries due to communication issues.

Now that you know the benefits that accrue from investing in GPS tracking for your fleet, why not invest in one for your business? Feel free to comment and share.

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GPS Tracking