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How to revamp your kitchen on your own in 5 steps

17th August 2022 Print

The kitchen is the beating heart of the home, but it is also a space that can be-come dated and worn in just a few years (especially if you use it every day). You do not always have to spend a fortune remodelling the kitchen and hiring a pro to upgrade the space and there are 5 steps that you can take to update the kitchen on your own. Keep reading to find out more.

1. Revive Cabinets With Fresh Paint

The kitchen cabinets are often what you notice first about a kitchen and it is easy enough to revive these with a fresh coat of paint. Try a fresh, bright new colour and you should find that it lifts the appearance of the kitchen and changes the style dramatically. 

2. Deep Clean the Sink

The kitchen sink is a feature that is used heavily over the years and this can take its toll. Therefore, deep cleaning the sink and using silicone sealant to waterproof the sink and water lines again can make the sink look a lot nicer while also ensuring that this feature works as well as it can be. 

3. Install New Wall-Mounted Shelves

Storage space can be tricky in the kitchen and a lack of it can create a cluttered kitchen. Wall-mounted shelves can be a smart solution because you are adding storage space, you can easily access the items that you store here and they can add visual interest. You could even match the shelves to the new colour of your cabinets for a professional look.

4. Rearrange Shelves & Cabinets

Following this, a simple way to update your kitchen is to simply rearrange all of your shelves and cabinets. Take everything out, clean the cupboards and then go through everything and get rid of what you no longer need. You are sure to find all kinds of things that you never use/have gone out of date and this can free up a huge amount of storage space.

5. Consider a Rug or New Flooring

The floor is an often overlooked feature when it comes to the kitchen. Adding a rug can be a great way to add some colour and create a cosy feel. Alternatively, you could install vinyl flooring as a way to completely change the look of the kitchen and there are many realistic tile patterns or wood styles to choose from.

These are 5 of the best ways that you can update your kitchen by yourself. The kitchen is an area of the home that can become worn and dated over time, but there are always improvements that you can do yourself that can revitalize and improve the space so that you can keep it looking its best at all times.