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Continued growth in web conferencing

13th September 2009 Print
MegaMeeting, a web conferencing company, reports continual 100 percent growth every quarter since its establishment in June 2008.

With over 1,200 users, conducting on average 3,500 online meetings every week, the company's superior offering is changing the landscape of web conferencing. It can uniquely support up to 16 live video feeds simultaneously and up to 500 concurrent participants with no stress put upon the host's network. MegaMeeting is fast becoming the provider of choice for desktop video web conferencing with new customers migrating from the larger players such as WebEx and GoToMeeting.

MegaMeeting identifies the five main reasons for the recent uptake of web conferencing as:

Significant savings of costs and time spent on travel to and from meetings (up to 60 percent)

Increasing efficiency at the same time as reducing overheads

Affordability and free support from a human being in the UK – as needed (not 48 hours later)

Reducing stress on overstretched IT resources and existing network infrastructure

No longer being reliant on users downloading and installing software

Previous considerations in the decision making process, of companies seeking a desktop video web conferencing option, include: connectivity issues, security, implementation, risks to the existing network, training and ongoing support. MegaMeeting's offering eliminates all these concerns, and more, with perhaps one of the most easy to use and cost effective products currently on the market.

A core benefit of MegaMeeting is the consideration for guest participants. It's one thing for the host, of traditional web conferencing services for example, to know how to use the system. However, it is quite another to make attendance easy for other participants. MegaMeeting helps to ensure 100 percent meeting population, for first time users or even in super-secure environments such as banks that sit behind robust firewalls. There are no connection frustrations and no requirements for previous knowledge of web conferencing. MegaMeeting is a simple 'one click to join a meeting' service. No downloads or installs are necessary prior to any online meeting – thus saving yet more time and potential frustration.

James Salisbury, company director, says: “This is one of those stories of being in the right place at the right time. MegaMeeting was established at the very start of the recession, just when companies began to take a serious look at streamlining their communications strategies in an effort to drive down costs across the board. Interestingly, we're seeing an influx of customers migrating from the larger providers as they seek out a more flexible and usable approach to desktop video and web conferencing.”

As well as the President of the United States, clients using MegaMeeting include organisations in the public, education, SME, media, legal, financial, design, recruitment and therapy sectors.

Companies such as: Keep Britain Tidy, Bath University, Bioquell UK Ltd, Praxis Research Institute Hollybank Trust and Bite Size Seminars use MegaMeeting to bring a human element to remote meetings, facilitate the sharing and opening of documents live on screen, training purposes, project management, connecting with field workers as well as linking satellite offices and conducting presentations to win business – all without moving from the desk.

Cost scenarios
MegaMeeting UK users can choose to Pay As You Go which is ideal for ad hoc online meetings or the start up community. For example, five meetings per month, lasting one hour each with five concurrent participants would cost approximately £250. There is also a low, flat rate monthly payment option for more frequent communications requirements. For example, four concurrent connections around the globe, meeting online as many times as often as necessary, with unlimited duration can cost as little as £40 per month.

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