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New luggage service takes-off

4th September 2009 Print has launched a new EU service for British holidaymakers and business travellers fed up with spiralling add-on baggage charges of the so-called ‘low cost’ airlines.

The company, which has been providing luggage services since 2004, has launched a door-to-door EU Economy Service where passengers’ bags are collected from their home and delivered to their hotel, resort or villa ahead of the traveller.

As well as removing the hassle of transporting heavy bags to and from airports, it does away with the scrum to check-in luggage, the waiting around at airport carousels and of course means there are no surprise last-minute airline baggage charges.

The company believes its new online EU Economy Service will, for many passengers, be cheaper even than the standard baggage charges on the big ‘low cost’ airlines.

Simon Huxford, MD of, said: “British tourists are being charged up to £190 round-trip with certain low cost airlines simply for the privilege of taking a standard 20kg suitcase on holiday – our service starts from £65 one way for the same item.

“As well as the potential cost saving, we’re offering travellers the perfect start and end to their trip, so they can forget about hauling cases through airports, queuing at check-ins, hanging around at baggage carousels and ferrying bags into cars, buses, trains or taxis for the airport journey.”

The company believes that as airlines continue to hike up baggage and check-in charges, it will see more and more passengers opt for luggage delivery services. However, it also sees big growth potential with travellers who either don’t want to, or find it difficult to travel with heavy bags.

Mr Huxford added: “We think our EU Economy Service will also appeal to those who prefer not to travel with heavy bags, so it’s ideal for the elderly or infirm, single parents travelling with children, through to people who are unable to carry bags because of a disability.”

As well as providing a trackable, insured service for holidaymakers and business travellers heading to or from EU countries, can also transport ski and snowboard equipment as well as golf bags.

For more information, or to book, visit Prices start from £65 for a standard 20kg suitcase. Ts&Cs apply.