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New Supertrucks Space Van low-loading dry freight efficiency

18th January 2010 Print
Supertrucks Space Van

Supertrucks Ltd goes into 2010 with the launch of the production version of its low-loading Citroen Relay based Space Van.  Since the Space Van prototype’s first appearance last summer, Supertrucks has further refined the concept of this innovative, low-loading, dry freight van.  Now on sale – competitively priced from just £22,335 + VAT + Road Fund Licence - is the new high cube Space Van which benefits from further operational refinement and weight-savings.

The new Supertrucks low-loading Space Van brings a new level of loading convenience to the dry freight sector.  In standard format the Space Van has a load deck height of just 550mm and a step height of 370mm.  But, with the low cost optional rear air suspension the Space Van offers the added convenience of one of the lowest deck height/step height measurements of any van now available in the UK. 

With its air suspension in the fully lowered position, the Space Van has a load deck height of just 370mm and an associated step height of 190mm.  Even with the air suspension in the drive position, the Space Van has a deck height of only 480mm and an associated low step height of 290mm.  These exceptionally low deck/step heights make the Space Van the unrivalled choice for a wide range of dry freight applications.  

Externally, the Space Van’s moulded Luton head has been revised and the moulded cab-to-body collar has been redesigned to provide a cleaner, more efficient seal.  The unique AL-KO drop-frame chassis specifically manufactured for Supertrucks now has aluminium outriggers in place of steel, which delivers a 16kg weight saving.   At the rear the Space Van now has a wider non-slip rear step to ease crew access and the aluminium rear door frame has been redesigned to reduce both weight and increase aperture dimensions by 24mm in height and width.

The new Supertrucks Space Van is designed to suit a wide range of low density, high volume dry freight applications, including furniture, bedding, office equipment and computers.  At the heart of the Space Van’s ability to bring new levels of operational efficiency and higher standards of safety is its low loading height.  With a step height of just 370mm and a load deck height of only 550mm the new Supertrucks Space Van provides convenient walk in/walk out loading/unloading accessibility to its large 20.4cu.m load space.

Peter Wright, Supertrucks’ chairman, explains, “Our new Space Van is ideal for a wide range of low density/high volume dry freight applications.  This innovative model is designed to suit the requirements of furniture manufacturers, removal contractors, bedding manufacturers, retailers, office equipment and computer suppliers.  In addition, we see that there are many other applications for which the Space Van’s easy load accessibility and high cubic capacity will provide the ideal transport solution.”

The new Space Van is the company’s latest addition to its specialist Low-Loader range and has been derived from the Low Loader Glass Carrier introduced last year. The new 3.5 tonne gvw Supertrucks Space Van is based on a Citroen Relay 35 120hp cab unit.  To achieve the Space Van’s low overall height and low body floor level, the Relay cab unit is matched to a unique custom-engineered alloy/steel drop frame rear chassis. 

This provides the Space Van’s low loading capability, together with the additional benefits of on-road stability, excellent ride and handling and, above all, the unique performance and economy benefits delivered by its integrated cab and body structure.

With an internal body floor length of 4,100mm, a maximum body width of 2,050mm and an internal height of 2,450mm the Space Van can more than match the cubic capacity of most 3.5 tonne gvw Luton vans.  Yet, the Space Van offers a lower load deck and a higher payload of up to 1,300kg, dependent on specification. 

Supertrucks has worked hard to ensure that the production Space Van is even more aerodynamically efficient than last year’s prototype.  In productionising the Space Van the Luton has been redesigned, as has the cab collar.  As a result, this revised custom-engineered structure complements the styling of the Relay cab and makes for an attractive, easy-to-clean appearance. 

The main body structure of the Space Van consists of one-piece, high gloss white grp side walls bonded to a lightweight aluminium frame.  All external alloy structural members are silver anodised for long-term appearance benefits.  To provide maximum internal light, the roof structure is a one-piece, opal translucent panel, carried on alloy cross bearers. 

Floor width between the rear wheel boxes is 1,500mm.  As standard, the Space Van is fitted with a non slip coated ply floor.  Internally, the body side walls are fitted with deep soft wood kickboards and six rows of full length lashing rails.  The standard rear closure is a lightweight, narrow slat, alloy roller shutter. 

For operators requiring even greater load volume, at an extra cost of £850.00 + VAT, Supertrucks will also offer the Space Van in extended wheelbase format.  This provides a body load deck length of 4,500mm and a load volume of 22.29cu.m.

Supertrucks is also offering the Space Van with a number of extra cost options.  These include rear air suspension with the facility to drop the deck height by a further 80mm for loading,  twin side hinged rear doors, side loading doors (roller shutter or hinged) load ramps and load restraint options.  In addition, the Space Van will be available with the option of the higher power Citroen Relay 35 3.0HDi 160hp cab unit. 

Supertrucks Space Van specification detail:-
Overall length: 6,650mm                              
Overall width: 2,150mm
Overall height: 3,100mm          
Body load cube: 20.4cu.m
Payload: 1,300kg
Body floor length (internal): 4,100mm
Body width (max internal): 2,050mm Body width (between wheel boxes): 1,500mm
Load deck height (with standard suspension): 550mm                
Load deck height (with optional rear air suspension): 370mm (fully lowered) or 480mm (drive position)
Step height (with standard suspension): 550mm
Step height (with optional rear air suspension): 190mm (fully lowered) or 300mm (drive position)              

Standard equipment: narrow slat alloy rear shutter, internal load compartment light, six full length load lashing rails, non-slip ply floor, opal translucent roof panel, body kick strip, streamlined Luton head.

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Supertrucks Space Van Supertrucks Space Van