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The hottest nude beaches, literally

19th January 2010 Print

Swap the snow suit for your white bits in places where the sun does shine. As the UK plunges below freezing, Melbourne sizzles under a sweltering 94 per cent humidity rate., the UK’s leading flight price comparison website, helps travellers forget the freeze and defrost on the nude beaches of the world’s Top 5 hottest temperatures. 

Scorchers include:

Melbourne - 33 degrees centigrade, 94 per cent humidity
Perth - 34 degrees centigrade, 87 per cent humidity
Singapore - 33 degrees centigrade, 89 per cent humidity
Rio de Janeiro - 33 degrees centigrade, 83 per cent humidity
Seychelles - 31 degrees centigrade, 79 per cent humidity

Ringing in at number one for temperature, Melbourne is ‘hot’ in more ways than one. With nude beaches aplenty, visitors can enjoy total freedom from even the skimpiest layers.  Popular places to quite literally lay your beach bum include Sunnyside North, Southside Beach, and Point Impossible.  With such a diverse selection of choice and prices from £595 return, you’re sure to have a cracking time – pun intended.

Quite literally hot on the heels of Melbourne comes Perth, another combined force of high temperatures and baking humidity.  While the destination boasts many tourist attractions, it also serves up some of Australia’s most naked scenery over on Swanbourne Beach.  Powdery white sand dunes and the Nude Beach Olympics held during the months of January or February draw visitors in the hundreds.  With prices from £475 return, you could be showing your assets off in no time. 

Third in the hot seat is Singapore.  While its conservative culture means that nudity is frowned upon, it’s still an escape from the UK’s deep freeze where visitors can enjoy feng shui as a way of life along with dinners comprising traditional tea ceremonies and history lessons.  This display of ancient culture is juxtaposed by an architecture of glass skyscrapers and pristine streets that can be enjoyed from £399 return. 

Next on the list is Rio de Janeiro, offering a stark contrast to Singapore, this destination really turns up the heat when it comes to stripping off.  From barely there bikini bottoms to the skimpiest wax jobs, Brazil embraces ‘naturism’ in all its naked glory.  To show off your ‘brazilian’ – and no we’re not referring to the locals – strut your stuff along the sands of Praia do Abrico or Olho de Boi; the latter being popular among the gay community.  Flights start from £409 return.

Last, but certainly not least are the Seychelles.  Icing sugar soft sandy beaches would tempt even the shyest of travellers to get their kit off.  For a truly magical nudist experience, head to Anse Lazio, its turquoise waters are said to glow by night, and its sands are so compact, the likelihood of imprinting them with your derriere is unlikely.  As one of the world’s hardest hit economies for 2010, it’s also one of the places that needs your money the most, so try some philanthropic nudity from £439 return. 

For more nude beaches, visit Cheapflights UK’s tips page on Nude Beaches.