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Superchips unleashes the BMW 135i’s real driving machine

21st May 2010 Print
BMW 135i

Thanks to its combination of small size and powerful 3.0-litre six cylinder twin turbocharged engine, BMW’s 135i has attracted a loyal following amongst owners and the motoring press.

Which is why Buckingham based Superchips Ltd, the market leading specialist in performance electronic tuning, is pleased to unveil a performance boosting ECU remap for the 135i.

The result of extensive investigation into the BMW’s Siemens MSD ECU parameters, Superchip’s highly experienced technicians successfully identified several performance enhancement opportunities with the original factory settings, enabling the company to refine the 135i’s ECU map to meet the needs of the BMW driving enthusiast who demands a sharper, more exciting drive.

Careful optimisation of ignition, fuelling and turbo boost settings via combination of extensive chassis dyno testing and road validation has produced a Superchips remap that elevates the performance of the 135i onto a different plane.

As measured on its in house four wheel drive chassis dyno’, the Superchips upgrade boosts the BMW 135i’s peak power from a tested standard output of 315 bhp, to a mighty 360 bhp, with a maximum power gain of 49 bhp at 5989 rpm.

The Superchips ECU remap also significantly enhances the 135i’s torque output, rising from a measured 394 Nm to an impressive 456 Nm at just 3359 rpm, with maximum gain of 70 Nm at just 3267 rpm.

Compared to the standard BMW 135i, the Superchips upgraded car produces peak torque over 1000 rpm lower down in the rev range, making it not only ultimately faster, but also significantly easier to drive.

Although not yet tested against the clock, the Superchips remapped BMW 135i is expected to better the standard car’s 5.3 second 0-60 mph sprint time, although for safety reasons the 155 mph speed limiter is left untouched.

The Superchips BMW 135i ECU remap also scores at the pumps – when driven on a like for like basis with the standard car owners will experience no fuel consumption penalty, despite the extra performance.

Installation of the Superchips ECU remap entails customers visiting one of approximately 100 Superchips dealerships in the UK who will undertake the remap procedure.

Customers can be assured the Superchips conversion is covered by a full Customer Service Guarantee and an industry-leading 12 month / 30,000 supplementary full vehicle warranty.

Suitable for both manual and automatic transmission variants of BMW 135i produced from 2007 onwards, the Superchips ECU remap is available now both directly from Superchips and its UK dealer network, priced at £445.00 including VAT @ 17.5%.

Superchips – don’t compromise, optimise.

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BMW 135i